Question for Cliff and Others.

Has this game changed the way you look at politics? Perhaps the way you think about how the world works? Do you create policies outside your normal views?

I’ve ran countries based on what I do believe in and I’ve gotten huge majorities and a falling debt in Democracy 1 and 2 but I wonder how will I hold up in Democracy 3 having become anti-tax.

I replace taxes on success with Pigovian taxes to save the enviroment and save the rich from populists. I prefer consumption taxes over income taxes and I cut the size of the government. Like I would do in real life if I could control the laws passed and not passed by a nation. The big difference between the game and real life is that in real life is that I would pass alot stricter abortion laws and cut the size of the military for the US.

I have a lot more sympathy for politicians now, especially for ones that promise one thing and do another. Events dear boy…events…

Mmm. Playing these games make them seem less like machiavellians and more like unfortunate victims of the spiked walls of death that slowly close in in cartoons.

BTW Cliff, is that guy in you photo anyone in particular? He looks like a cross between Harold Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, and Stephen Harper.

This game has given me more insight on other countries, such as which policies are more popular, which country has more debt, etc. Many times…I had to implement policies that are against my Tea Party Conservative beliefs, such as more spying. Raising the income tax? Increasing spending? I am against doing both, but I had to do it to gain popularity…haha.

No, it’s just a minister from the game, but the minister faces are partly based on real politicians, although I doubt that face and hairstyle are both from the same real world person :smiley: