question from newbie..if I may?


I have just purchased the game this week. And I was wondering…I can not affect the hospital overcrowding or the cantouatias diseasy. Completely sorry for the bad spelling, please forgive me. And one other thing. I have just been playing the USA portion and do you change the Interest rate (in the options menu)just like real life for more effect…Can it be a policy in the game? Or does it have no change on the game once started. One last thing, is there a way to increase exports? Basically how does the economy section work? Thanks for the advice and help. God Bless…Trent

The interest rate on the options page isn’t the interest rate on pritate borrowing, but the rate the government(you) pays on the national debt. Increasing it is just an option to make it harder, and if you want to try different tactics, eg. less debt at start ect ect ect