[question] making fighter/corvette hulls

does anyone know how does the fighter hull stuff work and is willing to teach me?

thx in advance


what, specifically, about them? The only weird thing about them that I know if is that they have one big 256x256 sprite for the hull editor, then another, smaller sprite with the damaged version and normal version next to each other. This is used for battles. Their hulks are in _hulks.dds (or .png). Hulks are randomly generated. Just dig around in the fighters’ files, you’ll figure it out :wink:

ya the hulk generation… and the hulkUVstart or something similar

I’m not sure about that but if I make a fighter, I copy the hulk set and the text file that controls it. Then I just change what I need in the text file except the stuff about hulks (accept the names!) and replace the image of the old fighter with mine.

nvm i think i found out…

thx anyways tho


EDIT: yep it works

now i just need 2 solve the white box problem :frowning:

which white box problem in particular ?

lol nvm thats done also and i have just completed my 1st corvette hull :smiley:



The sprite sized doesnt need to 256x256 or watever. The only requirement is u need a basic squared sprite multiple of 2 (in my case i use to make the fighter sprites up to 512x512 cuz in some cases the fighters are bigger than normal - aka corvettes) and another sprite for example of 1024x512 (in my case) where u put the basic sprite and the damage one (one after another).

The last step is to add the hull sprites to the race_hulls.dds file and specify in the hull.txt file where the first hull start(hulkuvstart) and when it ends(hulkuvend) (just remember it counts from 0). So if i have a myrace_hulls.dds file where i have my fighter hulls in the first line, the start will be 0 and the end will be 3.

U can look some already made fighter sprites from the original vanilla races.

Thats all u need. U dont need btw to make much detalied dmg spots or something like that (its probably u will never notice it).