[Question] Mod-Packages, Icons

I wish everybody a relaxed thursday evening,

first I would like to thank you for the great new ‘Democracy’ version, which has really big potential.
I love the high amount of possible options and policies in the game.

I live in Germany, so I had a few play moments with the ingame country ‘Germany’.

Yesterday I made a try with the implementation of mods, for example with the creation of new policies, which was succesful.

By the creation of a new policy for the game, I got a few questions, which I would like to publish here:

Special thanks to you for your help.
Have a nice day. :wink:

Have you read the new online modding guide on our website? you need to enter a file for your mod in a special folder, which will then allow it to show up in the mods control panel from the main menu from there, you can then ‘enable’ your mod, and then it should show up and work fine.
See here:


Hi cliffski, thank you for your quick response.
I updated the files for my mod in the way of your modding-guide.

By overwriting the files by hand in the main-directory (here: policies.csv, sliders.csv), I can see my new policy ingame and can implementate this.

By creation a mod file/directory with the same subfolders like the modding-guide, here: /data/simulation/policies.csv and /data/simulation/sliders.csv, the mod is not shown ingame when his status is active.