[Question] Modding the overview 'Intelligence Briefing'

Hello cliffksi,
hello ‘Democracy 3 players’,

with the latest update for the game, the screen 'Intelligence Briefing" has got a new overview about the ‘Security Effectiveness’ with symbols.
For some modding reasons I would like to add some new elements to this overview, but until this moment, I don’t find a method to add some new elements (e.g. a policy) to this screen.

So I would like to ask you, if it would be possible to add some policies to the ‘Security Effectiveness’ section in the ‘Intelligence Briefing’ overview with a mod?

Thank you for your help in advance. :wink:

Hiya, all you need to do is make sure that your new policy has an effect on the hidden value ‘security’ which you will see is affected by intelligence services policy in the base game.
Then your new policy & its icon will magically show up on that screen :smiley: