Question on Fighter creating Module

Hey, I preemptively apologize if this has already been asked, I couldn’t find it so here it goes;

Is it possible to mod into the game a module or turret that creates fighters? This could be along the lines of a projectile that “shoots” at ships for awhile or something like a repair drone that attacks, or maybe it just spawns a new fighter ship, but the point is, is it possible it make such a thing?

I wanted to make this thing because I think it would be cool to have a ship for a race I’m making that spews out fighters, so then your primary priority when fighting them would be “take that thing out to stop the bs it’s adding to the battle” because otherwise it’s going to continue spewing little nasties forth. But I don’t know if there’s anyway to do this so I figured before I go on a long crusade that may be fruitless to check first, thanks.

While it would be cool to make a turret that created drones that would attack enemy ships, from my knowledge of moding I think that it is currently outside of the parameters we can control.

Thanks, kind of depressing but thanks, on another note is there any sort of event that I might be able to cannibalize to cause a new fighter to spawn every time certain something shoots kind of like the survival challenges but based off of something else instead of destroying all ships? I don’t longshot just checking, but thanks again.

I am afraid the responce is in the negative again.

If i may make a sugestion that you head over to the suggestion part of the forum and explain your idea.
You never know, Cliff might look at it and go “yeah, why not”