[Question] Point Defense Lasers . . .

I’ve been trying to make a PDL that fires pulses instead of a beam and i failed, HELP!!

No joy here either.

Do you know how to make a PDL that fires pulses not beams?

The Point Defense Laser is a Beam type weaon. So you are restricted to the game drawing a beam

oh is it now? well I’ll see what I can do about that

For those that are interested, a quick breakdown on the Point Defense Code

In the file, it uses the line beam_texture = <> to draw the graphic to shoot down the missiles. For example (beam_texture = “beam_blue_atlas.dds”)

So one way of altering the way the beam looks is to alter the graphics in this file.

From [Guide] GSB Modding 101

A beam DDS file is divided up into 3 parts

  1. The blast texture which is placed at the start of the turret
  2. The main beam texture which is stretched from the turret to the target
  3. The grain section is repeatedly placed along the effects (without stretching) back to back