Question regarding Complacency

@cliffski I have high numbers of complacency that are quite questionable, I’ve did many policies and the group itself is very happy though I need to ask why are they so “ungrateful”?

I’ve passed Organic Farming, put a turn to see.

It just remained there.

Hi, this is working exactly as intended. The point of complacency is to model when voters forget that you did things in the past that made them happy. Those things would give you a big boost with this voter group if you did them now, but they have pretty much forgotten about the earlier things you did now, and might not even remember which party did them…

The trick is to not make any single group of voters too happy. You want them happy enough that they support you, but don’t forget each voter only has one vote. If you keep trying too hard to keep environmentalists at 100% happiness, you will be wasting energy, as that complacency will kick-in.

In some ways it would be more accurate to model this by reducing the impact of a policy on a voter group over time, but that might not be obvious, so we model it as an explicit effect so people can see the extent to which it is happening.

I hope that clarifies it.