Question regarding Kemp's "Restricted modules" mod

I’m posting this in its own thread because Kemp’s mod was originally posted in a thread for an unrelated mod and I didn’t want to hijack that thread.

I’ve recently begun making a mod and decided that I wanted to restrict my faction from using the default modules. I downloaded the python script and it rearranged my folders properly so as to give each race their own restricted version of the modules. So far so good, right? But the problem is, when I start the game, it crashes to desktop immediately after. According to the debug file, the games does not like the fact that the original module files are no longer present, and gives me the following error:

14/2/2011 - 17::50 - Module Type not found ->cruiser_automated point_defence:..\src\SIM_ShipModuleType.cpp 272

Re-adding the file solves the problem, but of course it then moves on to the next missing file on the list, and repeats the error. Adding a blank text file with the appropriate name doesn’t help, as the error message changes to:

14/2/2011 - 17::36 - Unknown Slot Type for module:..\src\SIM_ShipModuleType.cpp 75

I’m currently running version 1.55 (downloaded via Steam), and have the Swarm, Order, Tribe, and Galactic Conquest expansions. Is there any way around this issue, or has a patch or something changed the startup routine for GSB and you’re not longer able to use this method to restrict vanilla modules?

Interesting. Could it be because of saved designs you have that use the old modules? The renaming is such that any old designs (including any fleets you meet during a campaign or challenge) will cause errors. I could probably fix it so that it remains compatible with old designs if people are actually using that mod (honestly, I thought there was only one or two people that wanted it).

I initially thought that might be the case, but even after a fresh install and a delete of the starting “tutorial” designs, I still get the error.

Mmm, probably the problem could be that all the saved designs for the AI in the existing scenarios aren’t changed by the script (the ones inside …/GSB/data/ships ). That means you need to manually update those designs or move them somewhere alongside the scenario files and their deployments (but then you are left without scenarios).

It looks like that helped a bit, but after emptying out the scenarios, ships, and deployment folders, there’s still something somewhere in the game referencing some modules. I’m getting the feeling that the original modules are too integral to the game to go without, unless you’re willing to rewrite a large portion of the text files.

Kemp, when you made the mod, did it work fine for you? Maybe there’s something specific to the version I’m using?

This would be so much easier if we could just do something like

Yep. We are looking for something like that long ago, maybe in some future patch size=50[/size]

I’ll have a go at making my mod compatible with existing ships, scenarios, etc. I’ll just have to find out have the game reacts to a few tricks. Maybe tomorrow night.