Question regarding speed

with some of the forum talk of having larger hull types later on, how is that going to affect the overall speed of the game? are battleships going to be basically stationary or what?

I’m guessing here because I don’t know that much at the game yet but… Most likely.

Because greater the mass a ship has the slower it will be.

I actually think there should be some adjustments made to speeds. For example, a cruiser class in todays modern wet navy’s are some of the heaviest classes of ships still used (since most of the major powers have decommissioned battleships) but they’re still relatively speedy. The Ticonderoga class cruiser in the US Navy roughly can hit 32knots while the Arleigh Burke destroyer class can do 30+ (I’d guess closer to 40 but who knows) and the Oliver Hazard Perry frigates can only do around 30knots. Hell, even the Iowa class battleships could do 35knots plus.

Basically, I think that cruisers should have their speed averages bumped to around .40-80 for realistic builds, frigates from .8-1.2 and if battleships are built then somewhere below .4. Granted, I’ve played the game for less than a day so I could be doing just complete shit builds but most of my cruisers are averaging .2 in speed which is just silly slow it feels

If they ramp up speeds, they’ll have to ramp up the tracking on all weapons. I wouldn’t be against that. But it might just entail more work…

It’s quite easy to make cruisers of speed 0.3 to 0.4 (fastest valid cruiser hull I’ve designed was 0.99, but that had no weapons) Frigates can easily be made to travel 0.4 to 0.5 (I don’t recall the speed of the fastest design I made, I think it was somewhere around 1.2… Very difficult to hit, but had no guns.)

I think the cruisers are supposed to feel slow. It’s tricky (but possible) to make them nimble. Cruisers are the largest ship in the game. If you need to, mentally substitute the word ‘battleship’ for ‘cruiser’ and it’ll make sense :smiley: Being slow is a choice

If you think your cruisers are too slow, put more engines on them. The most effective fleet that I’ve designed (i.e wins the most player challenges without tweaking the designs/deployments) is one compromised mostly of cruisers with FIVE engines each.