Question: Strange event

I’m currently playing the first intermediate scenario (Show me the money) so it’s my first time encountering level 4 diseases.

For the latest event i don’t remember the exact wording but it was effecting Tuberculosis. What i remember was false fears surrounding vaccines. So my simple interpretation is: Fear of vaccine -> less people vaccinate -> leading to more infections. Which was good (for me) as i’m only few months away from researching the machine that allow me to upgrade my bronchitis-drug to Tuberculosis.

The event is running for some time now and i’m checking the cure-tab to see this:
I guess what is happening is that the event is reaching its end and the previous increase gets removed again. Still i find it strange - i thought the after-event decrease starts when i get the “event finished”-message (which i haven’t got so far)

“The number of cases of tuberculosis has been rising steadily. This rise coincides with changes in perception about vaccine safety.
Many parents are refusing to get their child inoculated after a study falsely claimed that certain vaccines were linked to autism”

Most of your interpretations look valid to me, so I guess you’re wondering why the price looks like it is starting to tail off (decreasing) even though
you haven’t yet had the " public confidence returns to the safety of certain vaccines" message? - which would decrease # of cases.

I can’t figure out why - have asked for detailed explanation of Cure calculations elsewhere but no reply yet. However, nobody treated, nobody cured (b/c you don’t have cure yet u said), so on the bright side, you still have 3800 or so people to treat.

FWIW - the code for that event: “duration”:400,“ramp”:100,“delay”:50,“cureDemandChanges”:[{“cureId”:“tuberculosis”,“change”:15}]
something like, it last 400 days, ramps up for 100, delays 50 (maybe that’s the tail end - ur tail off?) and increases demand by 15 over current.

Actually i was just stumped at first, as the event said to increase the number of cases, that is was shown as a decreasing effect.
While writing the post it occured to me that it was simply the normal decline of the event - thats okay.

But it would be nice if there was some message when this declining starts - i thought the “event ended” messeage meant that, but it appears this message (which appeared in the game shortly before my production line for tuberculosis went live) just means “old level restored”. A third message like “the event reached its peak” would be nice to signal the player: “The event effect will start to decline now.” Because then investing into a cure to benefit from the event might not be that worthwhile.