Question: where to post suggestions for Democracy 3 expansions and/or a potential Democracy 4?

I am an office drone (an accountant, to be precise). I am also a news junkie, hobby anthropologist (it involves recording drag queen voices and getting paid by Nintendo to analyze character voices), and easily amused, so I’ve accumulated a huge list of ideas in downtime at work.

I sadly have the technical expertise of a rock at the bottom of a cave in the Saharan desert, and I can’t mod Democracy 3 at the office.

Where would one post ideas? I have a Word doc at the moment in outline format.

Also, I love the format of this forum. Props to whoever set it up.

To put this into more perspective, I’m at 2000 chapters of suggestions & data for if those suggestions were taken up (namely data on country demographics, traffic records, infrastructure investment, corruption, economy, taxation, etc)