Questions about activities.

Where are the display names of activities and classes defined? I am looking in the hook_eveningclasses.csv file and don’t see it there.

I also see a value for “effects”; what is this value?

What defines a “self-defense practice” type of activity? I am looking at the Kung-Fu and Kick-Boxing activities in the same file, and don’t see just where it defines that those activities specifically assist in preventing a mugging.

Ah, I’m not sure what you mean entirely… but I can take a crack at it and hopefully answer your questions.

For dispaly name, if you mean what part of the coding makes the name in your menues appear as “soccer” or “guitar”, it would be the ‘strings’ config file in the ‘data’ folder.

When a new activity or the like is created, the code to display the name properly is:

nv_@@@ = “###” where @@@ is the name you’ve given it in the coding, and ### is the name you want it to display

There’s a whole whack of em near the bottom of the document when you open it up in notepad.

Effects are what happens as a result of that activity. Such as, when coding for learning to drive, the effect would be the ability to drive. Or when learning medicine, to be able to use your knowledge, and so on. Most are rather basic, but some like iq, knowledge, stress and others have to have an additional “degrade” piece tagged on.

As for the final question, I would like to know that too!! I was hoping to create a few more courses such as karate, but I haven’t the foggiest idea how to set it so that I’ll be able to defend myself from a mugging. ^^; Sorry I can’t help at all with that one.

unfortunately as I recall the self defence stuff is hard coded in the game ;(