Questions about cruiser rockets

I was looking through the cruiser rocket entry, and I was curious what the following meant:

flareuvid = 0

has_flare = 1

has_splines = 1

flareuvid = colour of the missile flare. Goes from 0 to 3.
has_flare = determines if the missile will have a flare in the first place.
has_splines = determines if the missile uses a smoke trail.

Thanks a lot!

Do you know what causes the weaving motion of the rockets as they fly?

The line “has_splines = 1” causes the weaving motion, it also means that there is a smoke trail
( A Spline is a mathematical function that fits a curve to a series of points )

So there’s no way to have non-smokey, twirly missiles?

Drat. I was thinking of doing a Macross Missile Massacre type weapon, as this would be the height of gratuitousness, but the black contrail somewhat spoils the effect.

I am not completely sure, To be honest, i haven’t tried to eliminate the smokey trails yet.
I guess the first place i would try, is to look is in and maybe eliminate the puffy black clouds there.
its a hack solution, but it might work

To complete the Macross Missile Massacre effect, I think you will need the salvos ability and to be able to change the number of warheads for each missile.
There are already threads asking about these controls, but i thought i should mention them again :slight_smile:

I shall resume experimentation as soon as my game works again.

And yes, I was thinking of splicing together salvo fire and multiple warhead missiles together.

Oro ? why for your game no workie ?

Sweet, i have been wanting a macross missile weapon system, but i could never get the salvos working :frowning:

Not sure what’s wrong; it “stops working” according to windows. Been like this ever since I patched to 1.37.

Here’s the thread if you’ve got ideas.

I’ve had good luck with fire salvos so far. I was quite please with the tribe autocannon I put through the dryer.

The missile system i tried to make was for it to launch 6 missiles in rapid succession then had a 2000 cool down.
Didn’t work so well.

Also, I had a look at the thread . . Damn :frowning: