Questions & Anomalies Found at Modding Attempts

  1. What is ‘_winning._’ in the ‘Water Shortage’ situation?

There’s a thing called “winning”. What does that mean?

  1. Is there any rule or recommendation for deciding where to write a link? (Source or Effect?)

It seems I can write a link either as an effect of something or as a source of something else. I tried to find any rule or regularity from existing ones but I can’t find any. Sometimes links to a situation is found at a destination, in other cases at a source, even at both sides at rare cases (I’ll bring specific case at the bottom of this post).

  1. Anomalies

3.1. Illegal Immigration - Immigration Rules [simulation.csv]


Currently: “ImmigrationDemand,1.0-(ImmigrationRules*x)”
Suggested: “ImmigrationDemand,0+(1-ImmigrationRules)*x”

As I’ve mentioned like a month ago (link), I think the sum of ‘Immigration’ and ‘Illegal Immigration’ should be ‘Immigration Demand’ instead of just 1(100%) so that Illegal Immigration doesn’t soar when the demand is reduced.

3.2. Hyperinflation - International Trade & Inner City Riots - CCTV [situations.csv]

Hyperinflation: "InternationalTrade,-02-(0.44*x)"
InnerCityRiots: "CCTVCameras,-0.1(-0.6*x)"

Likely just a typo?

3.3. Bureaucracy - Rare Earth Price [situations.csv]


Currently: “RareEarthPrice,0-(0.15*x),16”

Can’t understand why the Bureaucracy situation would decrease the Rare Earth Price simulation.

3.4. Rubber Bullets / Tear Gas / Water Cannon Effects [policies.csv], [situations.csv]

  • Regarding InnerCityRiots
RubberBullets: "InnerCityRiots,-0.12+(0.12*x)"
TearGas: "InnerCityRiots,-0.7-(0.06*x)"
WaterCannon: "InnerCityRiots,-0.12-(0.14*x)"

Tear Gas seems way too effective against Inner City Riots even at the minimum slider scale.

  • Regarding RaceRiots
RubberBullets(effect): ,"RaceRiots,-0.10-(0.11*x)"
TearGas(effect): "RaceRiots,-0.07-(0.07*x)"
WaterCannon(effect): "RaceRiots,-0.09-(0.09*x)"
RaceRiots(sources): "TearGas,0-(0.07*x)","RubberBullets,0-(0.07*x)","WaterCannon,0-(0.07*x)"

Duplicate links IMO?


Good observations! Thanks for taking the time out to go through these.

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Just a quick one, since I have experimented with the _ winning _ value in my own mods, it seems to be a value that increases in proportion to your popularity… roughly when you are over 50% (I think it may have some intertia so that being popular doesn’t immediately trigger various situations).

I would like to have an in-depth explanation of how it works though, likewise for the _year value, since right now I mostly use them in my equations having to experiment until I get exactly what I want :slight_smile:


Wow, some awesome feedback here, sorry I missed it, and I will look into them all. Some of them are definitely just typos.
winning uses a bunch of different variables. One of them is indeed popularity, but I think some economic indicators also feed into it, but I’m not currently on a PC with the source code to check…


Ok, made some fixes for the next update.
regarding 2): there is no difference to the simulation whether an effect is added for a situation or as an effect of a policy on a situation (or for that matter in a scripted override), it all end up in the same list, so it depends on what you are doing from a mod POV, whichever is easiest.

Regarding winning:
This depends on the following factors:

  • Current Average Approval of all voters
  • The current debt to GDP ratio (high is bad, but first 40% is ignored)
  • The ratio of any deficit to total expenses (can be good or bad for the final value)
  • The number of terrorist groups at over 90% strength
  • The number of party members.

Each strong terrorist group reduces winning by 5%
The effective deficit contributes +/- 20% to the result
Maximum impact of party members is +50% (if every voter is a member).
Debt to GDP ratio max impact is -20%

I hope thats interesting :smiley:


@cliffski I have just downloaded the update and checked changes.

3.1. Illegal Immigration: No changes made here.
3.2. Hyperinflation & Inner City Riots: A typo on the Hyperinflation has been corrected but there’s still a missing operator on the Inner City Riots - CCTV link. Or is it okay to write '-0.1(-0.6*x)' instead of '-0.1+(-0.6*x)' or '-0.1-(0.6*x)' kind of forms?
3.3. Bureaucracy: Fixed
3.4. Rubber Bullets / Tear Gas / Water Cannon: The Tear Gas - Inner City Riots link has been toned down but there still are some duplicate links on Race Riots. RaceRiots still has "TearGas,0-(0.07*x)","WaterCannon,0-(0.07*x)" on it while both policies have links to RaceRiots.


@cliffski another reminder notifying that…

  • 3.1. Illegal Immigration part remained unchanged
  • 3.2. Inner City Riots part remained unchanged (unless it is it okay to write '-0.1(-0.6*x)' instead of '-0.1+(-0.6*x)' or '-0.1-(0.6*x)')
  • 3.4. Race Riots part remained unchanged

Thanks…I’ll look into this!