Questions before purchase

Hi a pirate here, interested in actually gasp paying for a game but before I do I have a few questions. The copy I have keeps freezing during elections, it will eventually go on with the election but it can take quite a while. Does the most recent legal version still have this issue or has it been remedied? Also I my girlfriend likes the game and if I purchased it I would like to install it on her and my computers, will we be able to play at the same time or will we get some kind of “Already in use” error?
Thanks for any info.

you won’t get any conflict already in use stuff at all, there is no DRM any more. I’m not sure what is causing the freezing, tbh if the copy you have isn’t legal, then I have no idea what you are running there (nor would I trust it).
At what point does it freeze? and is this happening on multiple PCs? it is certainly not a known bug, so if it is, I think it sounds likely that its something to do with a dodgy crack.

Thanks for the info. The freezing only happens during an election (when the two bars are going up showing votes) just before it finishes and shows the fireworks or the sorry you lost message it will stop, task manager says not running, but if I leave it for a bit - 1 to 5 minutes it will start up again and go from there. It does happen on two different comps (one win xp pro one home) but both are using the same cracked 1.06 version. Either way thanks for the info I’ll be purchasing the game tonight.

Edit: Just wanted to mention I purchased Democracy 2 and the issues from the cracked version are gone. Keep up the good work.

Aha. Just goes to show that cracks aren’t all they are cracked up to be :smiley: