Questions/Comments about Encounter at Andromeda

I really like this new mission.

Are the enemy ships chosen from a pool of pre-designed ships, or are they randomly generated?
Would it be possible to include all four races in this battle? Or four different variants of this battle?
Could you change the background to something darker? It’s hard to pick out the beams and target painters against the bright red background.

Are you planning to add sandbox and or randomly generated missions to Singleplayer in the final version?

They are currently pre-defined waves of ships, but there is no reason why future survival missions couldnt also have mix and match races. Maybe an alliance between the empire and…well…the alliance? :smiley:

I deliberately wanted one bright light background for a mission because i like the way the imperial ships look against it

well you did an outstanding job, because this background is one of the most beautiful so far.