questions for the mods

Hey guys

ive got one extra mod with the “tax fraud department” and i wonder wether its working corectly. in the game, it seems like its not really preventing or reducing the black market or the tax evasion.

#,taxfraud,Tax Fraud Department,taxfraud,“A tax fraud department drastically reduces the amount of tax evasion and the black market in your society. It is generally liked by middle income groups and socialists, because it is seen as taking on the cheaters.”,15,10,10,12,TAX,15,200,4,#Effects,“MiddleIncome,0.05+(0.03x)","Socialist,0.03+(0.02x)”,

my second question is wether its normal that the capitalists oppinions effect the gdp so extrem. every time i do something they dont like, my economy is all messed up.


That mod you detail does not have any effect on tax evasion. All it does is effect the happiness of the middle income and socialists (you see, those are the only two things listed after the “effects” label).

I’m not sure if a way of influencing situations from the policies file was implemented, but the way that I would fix that policy you have is like this:

Go to C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\simulation and open the situations.csv file (preferably in Excel, although you can also do this in Notepad). Now scroll to the line for tax evasion. If you are using Excel, cut and paste the # in the last cell of the line one cell to the right. Now in the cell that you have just vacated, insert the following:


Now save the file (make sure that you do is as a csv file. In Notepad, you can insert the same text between the comma and the # on the last line of the tax evasion situation.

You can decrease or increase the 0.4 to alter the maximum effect that the tax fraud department has, and change the 4 at the end of the line to alter how long it takes for a change in tax fraud department policy to have that effect.

Hope this helps.

hey thanks

it worked out fine. well now i know where that second problem came from. my excel programm saved it with additional "s so it messed up everything. hmm, think i just have to use notepad from now on.

The parties names can be changed? What files can´t be changed?

You can change almost all of the files.

Suggestions for mods:

  • Add some kind of corruption to the game
  • Add religious minorities
  • Add water and soil pollution