Questions on Statistics

I have some questions on mechanics / statistics:

Weapons and Damage Mechanisms:


  1. Is the fire interval calculated in milliseconds?


  1. If a weapon has an optimum range, that is higher than its minimum and lower than its optimum range, does that mean that it will hit with 100% (all other things included) at the optimum range and hit percentage will then scale down towards min. as well as max. range?

  2. How does tracking, ship size and speed factor into the hit percentage? Is tracking the speed at which weapons can lock onto other ships, so if I have a weapon of tracking “1,5” and a fighter with speed “3”, this weapon will be always unable to hit the fighter? How does it work when the speed and tracking range are equal / not far apart from each other?


  1. How is damage calculated, when taking into account penetration, is it:

Damage = Damage / but only if Shield Penetration > than Shild Resistance Value (equivalent for armour)

This would mean, that a cruiser with armour 30, would be impervious to wepons with penetration </= 30

Or is there some other factor at work?


Does armor loose its effectiveness with degradation (x% module damage) or with destruction (100% damage) to the module?

Is the Recharge Rate for shields = recharged shield per second?

Targets engaged in the statistics screen

What does the red shading as well as the order of appearance mean here?