Questions Please Help

I have 2 questions.

First, Can you save in the demo?

and Second, My game keeps freezing up and it closes saying there was an error. What do I do?

I have 2 answers.

First, no.

and Second, supply more information;

-what is the error?
-what version is your windows?
-what other processes are running concurrently?
-Is this demo version the one from positech or is it from somewhere else? (yahoo, arcadetown etc…)
have you ever successfully played the game or is it upon first/clean installation the game errors/crashes?

Answer these and maybe someone can help you, otherwise, if you’ve already figured it out, please post your results/fix instead of just “never mind, I fixed it - it’s all good”.
[size=84](someone searching the forums, at a later date, for ‘freezing up’, would be disappointed to find “someone with the same problem but no solution”)[/size]

any game errors get written to files in the games ‘debugdata’ directory. you can email these to me, or post them here.

The Error is that the game will crash at random times. Often after I complete the first gig.

Its from positech and I’m I haven’t been able to play the game fully.

You forgot your version of Windows.

You told us already that the game freezes, but what does it say, when it does?