Questions regarding the Mac and Windows versions of GSB

Hi, I just had a few questions about the two.

First of all, I was wondering how quickly the Mac version of the game gets updated after the Windows version has been. (Obviously an exact time can’t be given and the time required will vary, but even a rough estimate is fine; I just want to check if the Mac version, as with many games I have seen, is updated after such a long time that users may miss out on things.)

Secondly, are there any differences between the two versions gameplay-wise? My main sub-question is whether Mac and Windows users can both participate in the ‘online’ component together (id est, as long as the versions are the same, a Mac user can use a Windows user’s uploaded game/deployment). I was also wondering since the Windows version seems to require more memory and a better graphics card.

Lastly, I was wondering if I needed to buy both Windows and Mac versions of the game separately. I’ve tried running GSB under an emulator to see how it works, as well as the Mac version, and I found that whilst both play, the (emulated) Windows version uses anywhere from 3 to 6 times more CPU usage. (Though this might be, as I mentioned before, because the Windows version has some difference and require more resources, including a better graphics card.) This being the case, I would prefer to run the game natively on my Mac, but also have the ability to play it on a PC. I understand that there are two different companies involved, but Steam is selling both versions for a single price. I would much rather give the money directly to the developers rather than letting Valve take a cut, but at the same time their deal is much better.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there!
There are no gameplay differences between the two versions, and PC and Mac players can play against each other through challenges without a problem.
If you buy the Mac copy from redmarblegames or the PC copy from us, you can get the other version for free, just email the seller after your purchase and it gets sorted out.
Bit scary to hear that the CPU usage is higher on the PC, maybe that’s windows fault, because there are no PC-only features.

Thanks for the reply.

Just to clarify, the CPU usage for the Windows version is only that high when it is being emulated through Wine on OS X. It must be normal, I guess, to have such a large increase in usage. I haven’t ever checked how much other programs/games use, but I thought that since the Mac version ran so well natively, that (along with the higher graphics card memory requirement) perhaps something else was going on when I was emulating it.


I would generally expect hIgher usage during emulation. I’m not sure how Wine works to be honest, but normally there are a variety of things that have to be caught and emulated in software that would normally be executed via a much more efficient route. Maybe that’s your issue.