• I have Internet Crime in my country (former Zambeezia). But my Crime and Violent Crime are already in the bottom. I have high Internet usage, true, but also an excellent (maximum) Intelligence Agency. I guess that Internet Censorship can help but… but… but… Internet Censorship is evil (sorry, I am a role-playing gamer, I don’t do things I would never do in reality). What can I do? Lower the internet usage? But this is… is… evil too… :frowning:

  • I have Tax Evasion, but my Income Tax is actually about 40% of the maximum (ok, more than in the beginning but anyway). The Corporate Tax is also quite low. I do not understand well why I have this.

Anyway… it does not seem to have an effect on anything… does it?

Does either issue seem to be hurting your popularity?
If not (which is likely), then my recommendation is to simply ignore them.

Internet Crime you can’t really do anything about anyway. It’s basically the price that you pay for increasing your country’s technical accomplishments.

Tax Evasion simply happens whenever any one of your tax rates becomes too high. In your case, my recommendation is to lower income tax, and make up for the lost tax by increasing your corporate tax somewhat.