Quick question about adding new skills...

I’m expanding out the security job tree a bit to make it more useful in the long-term. Specifically, I’m adding “police” jobs, and I’m doing my bestest to stick with the actual British terms (all jobs are uniformed - “undercover” jobs don’t seem to make much sense in the context of the game). In general, they’re “harder pre-req, higher pay” bodyguard jobs, plus swapping muscle with IQ.

What I’m discovering is that I need to create some sort of “police experience” skill (or possibly two). What’s the procedure for adding something like this in a way that keeps it all in the mods folder?

Once I’ve got that information, I’ll mod them up, playtest them a bit, and then zip 'em up in a folder. Then it’s on to the military!

hmmmm, it cant be done without edits to non modfolder stuff sadly. you can call the skill anything you like, you just need to add relevant entries for the effects of new evening classes (or books), and also need to add a nv_skillname entry to strings.ini as well.
Thats a bit messy, I should change it to be more flexible in a patch/sequel.

That’s what I had feared. If you could allow “strings patches” in the next version, that’d be very, very handy - IMHO, it seems as if it’d be easy enough. I suppose I’ll just need to submit a diff…