Quick Question about Artmoney

I am playing the demo of KRL and I find myslef not being able to get into the game because I am so low on money. I was wondering if there was anyway to either use artmoney or to edit a file to give me more money.


p.s. I plan on buying the game either way I was just wondering

Well what I do is take the money profit from a gig and straight away book the next gig. You will make most of your profit from merchandise so you need to get make sure to keep some in stock for every gig as you rarely make profit from ticket sales, on some venues you will actually lose money if you sell no merchandise.

Hmmmm Well I want a ton of money see as I said at the moment I’m playing the demo so by the time I start raking in some good money its over

merchandise is the key. and cheap rehearsals at the start when the band are keen and naieve.