Quickfire Policy Suggestions

Hi, I’m Xeno, arch-capitalist and over-explainer, and today I will be giving a list of yet more unnecessary policies that I think are nice.

  1. Personal Allowance - Simple enough to add. I think it would be a slider from “No Allowance” to “Generous”, which each step decreasing poverty but also decreasing income tax revenue. Low level allowance will please the poor, with decreasing happiness gain as the slider goes up. Medium level will start to please middle incomers. I would also wager it may, at highest levels, have some minor impact in reducing corruption or tax evasion? One thing I’m certain of is that it will decrease poverty.

  2. Negative Income Tax - An alternative to welfare that will please my cold, black, rotten capitalist heart more than those pesky food stamps and benefits ever could. This would simply be a government expense, potentially somehow tied in with Personal Allowance, so that whatever Allowance you grant your taxpayers, is the same rate you pay to the poor (as per Milton Friedman’s vision). This would please capitalists, or at least not upset them (like welfare policies otherwise do), please the poor, etc etc, you can assume the groups impacted. Key thing is, again, it will tackle poverty, and at a much higher rate than what Personal Allowance does (this is money to the most poor, allowance is allowing people who have some money to keep more of it).

  3. Substance Rehab Facilities - A state provided addiction/ rehab centre that will help those addicted to smoking, alcohol, drugs, or fatty foods. Much cheaper and less intrusive than a State Health Service, but with less health impact, and moreso focussed on reducing the various “usages.” The impacts will also be relatively low, as this does not force people to attend treatment, it’s only providing for those who choose to go. Health increase, reduce drug, tobacco, alcohol consumption, reduce obesity, annoy capitalists, etc.

  4. National Parks - Small policy that has an upkeep cost increasing as national parks are expanded. This will limit housing availability as well as business growth, but preserve areas of environment. Most nations will start with this policy, but players themselves can either abolish, lower, or increase the policy, as per their interests.

  5. General National Security Policies - including:
    Computer Surveillance - (anger liberal, please conservative, anger youth, anti-extremism/terrorism/soforth situations).
    Anti-Extremism Courses - (slightly increase racial tensions at low end but decrease at higher, counter extremism related situations, upset liberals, minorly upset youth, etc).
    Firearm Standards Regulation - (slider for increasing levels of restrictions on guns, magazine caps, ammo bans, parts sales bans, so forth. Upset liberals, patriots, conservatives (high end), please parents, conservatives (low end).

  6. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Anarcho-Capitalist Fantasy - a) Add Cancel Policy options to Military and to Police Force. b) Add policies of Private Military Licensing (introduces PMCs into society, can fill the role of the Military if abolished, cheaper, but less effective, more associated issues) and Private Security Licensing (similar to PMC one, but for private police forces, much more associated issues, especially regarding the poor, but yet again cheaper).

Love you all, bye xoxo


This is already in the game

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I don’t believe it is. I have to play with policy mods in order to add it. I just loaded up a new game without mods after seeing this reply and it doesn’t seem to be there for me! Maybe I’m still on an old version of the game?

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I realise mine is probably a mod, sorry lol

  1. Wouldn’t be better to reform the policy Drug Treatment scheme to actually be useful?

  2. Instead of this I think it could be a better option to make zoning laws a policy, and we could think of national parks as the policy at the low end, with it is reducing private housing, and make private housing reduce Real estate bubble. This would make that we could have a way of dealing with Real state buble in the free market way and also make that rent controls can create a husing shortage in the long run.

  3. b) I think a new simulaton refering Private Security and 2 policies, restrictions on private security and private security used by the state could be better.


I agree on all counts!

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Look, you may have a cold, hard, dark, black, rotten, stone-like capitalist heart, but atleast you want to give the poor some sort of support, even if it is not much. Atleast you don’t want to blow up housing for the poor like that one Objectivist in Fountainhead. After reading that, any sort of compassion from Capitalist I will take, for that, I salute you comrade! :smiley:

So, your heart’s not that cold, hard, dark, black, rotten and stone-like. That’s good enough for me.