R-Type Mod (release 1.0)

[size=150]Finally found the time finish (for the most part) and organize the mod folder for a release.[/size]

What’s this mod do:
Adds a new playable race: RTYPE based on Irem’s space shooter series of the same name.
Both human and BYDO ships are intentionally squished into one race to allow players to tweak their forces to fit their style.
You can use purely human ships (All fighters without BYDO Forces and mechanical units), go all BYDO or a mix in between.

What’s in it:

  • 3 scenarios (2 skirmish and 1 survival)
  • 11 fighters with force variants
  • 10 frigates/small BYDO creatures
  • 7 cruisers/huge BYDO
  • many new modules for the race
  • 2 new weapons for all races (1 fighter and 1 cruiser)
  • 2 new power plants for all races (1 fighter and 1 cruiser)


-Unzip the archive in your Gratuitous Space Battles folder (not the one in your Documents).
-Allow folders to merge when prompted

-Delete RTYPE folder in your Gratuitous Space Battles game directory
-delete any ship designs using hulls or modules from this mod (this includes vanilla ships using the universally available wave cannons and power plants).

This mod is not intended to be used for profit, so don’t think about it unless you want Cliff or IREM to chase after you in a R-9. :stuck_out_tongue:
The R-9 Arrowhead and several other models used Pixel511’s awesome rendered image as a base. (pixel511.deviantart.com/art/R-TY … -136062792)
A few others were obtained via Google search and modified as needed. The rest including the Force units and Fx were drawn by me.
Props for all RTYPE stuff goes to IREM and of course it would not be possible to make this mod without Cliffski’s awesome game, GSB. :slight_smile:


Apologies for taking years to finish this… LITERALLY! :smiley:

That’s wonderful news! I do hope that your mod will be chock-full of the same high-decibel, classic-console-game explody carnage that your preview video featured. Looking forward to kicking some Bydo ass – please keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Video might be a bit blurry so I’ve posted some screenies:
The BYDO pictured here are a result of doodling in Paint.net and are only loosely based on actual sprites from the game(s).
They will likely change as the mod develops and I get more practice with drawing stuff using a mouse.

Long time no update but I haven’t been sitting idle:

Oh my.

so…pretty sheds tear

looks awsome, i can’t wait to try it

Those beams got me on the verge of suffocating from sheer awesome.

That wasn’t the intended effect, but I’m glad you like them. lol

No problem, I was just exaggerating anyway, haha! Honestly though, they look way better than the generic beams we’ve had so far in GSB.

Hello there, Dantalion. I’ve been curious about the status of R-Type. Is your mod still under development?

Don’t much care for the hulls, but those beam textures…
those are just AWESOME

Those bullets looks EPIC, a little large for the fighters, i think, same with the beams, looks great, all the fx is epic!!
There are some weird things, but that great battle looks, uh… GREAT xD

I forgot about this mod time ago, i ask the same question, is the mod still on development??

What was that giant monster in one of your pictures?


can you post those awesome weapons in the movie?(I saw it in insane models but no downoad)also what do use the dsstore file for.


Is this mod wip still alive O_o???

Dantalion hasn’t been seen on the GSB forums in months. Perhaps his wonderfully over-the-top R-Type mod isn’t dead, but it surely seems to be “on life-support”. Darn. I really wanted to see this one succeed. :confused: