Rabbit Cruiser- What IS it?

I can’t believe I just noticed this but what is with the Federation’s Rabbit Cruiser? It doesn’t fit in with any of the other federation ships whatsoever, and I have never seen it used in a challenge.

I think it’s a ceremonial/parade cruiser of some sort…

Given its somewhat crude-looking construction (It would blend in pretty well with sleeper ships in old sci-fi serials) and the obvious skull painted on the central hull, as well as the fact that the Feds are a money-based culture, I always assumed they were mercenary ships hired to augment the Fed fleet proper.

Then again, I always assumed they leave no wreckage because the mercs don’t maintain their ships well enough to prevent total disintegration when the power plant goes up.

(from here)

I like to imagine that they were created by one Sam and Max engineering firm. >_>

They’re sponsored by playboy :wink: