Radiation weapon details

Hi guys. I’m looking for details on the working of radiation weapons as the attributes seem to be rather redundant. The uber-list of attributes says:

radiation_damage - the initail amount of damage done by radiation
radiation_decay - how quickly the radiation damage falls off
total_damage - the total amount of damage done by the radiation
damage_duration - used for radiation weapons, how long the target is effected by radiation

Surely total_damage can be calculated via the other attributes? Also, radiation_decay and damage_duration should be dependent on each other?

I haven’t used radiation weapons myself, so apologies if there is something simple I’m missing in how they operate.

That is one of my questions, why we are using the total damage value if with a time value and a damage over time value the game can calculate the total damage over time…

the first part: radiation_damage, is the INITAIL amount of damage, i.e. when it hits it does X amount of damage right away.
i think duration is time the radiation is there, whereas decay is how quickly the damage it does each second disipates i.e. first second is 200 damage, 2nd is 180, 3rd is 160 etc. although i may be wrong there.