Rail Strike

I dont know if this is a bug or not but everytime I set up Rail Subsidies there is a strike not long after it is full implemented. My funding is at max and there seems to be a sudden spike in “Rail Strike Units” out of no where to set it off. Compounding the problem is that aside from elimiating the funding and restarting it nothing I can do seems to call off the strike. Even going totally pro-employer on the Labor Laws doesnt bring it below the threshold to stop the strike. Normally I wouldnt care much but since it takes so long to set up Rail Subsidies (72 mths I believe) that it isnt worth it to bring it back. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to deal with this would be appreciated.

This policy is also affected by average income. If people generally are better off, they are less likely to take part in any of the strikes.

There was a discussion about this in another thread, and Cliff said the following:

You can therefore edit the values in your situations file to reflect these alternative suggested values, or just download my upgraded situations file, which already has the fix implemented: positech.co.uk/democracy2/ho … pgrade.zip

I’ll keep an closer eye on average income from now on. Is there any way to raise it besides passing the min wage law and keeping immigration under control? I did notice that the last time I played average income actually had a decreasing effect on the strike so I wouldnt think it would have been the determining factor in causing the strike in the 1st place. I guess my biggest complaint is that once there is a strike I couldnt figure out any way to end it other than cancelling the Rail Subsidy program. My funding was already at the maximum and I changed my labor laws to fully pro-employer immediately after the strike began and it still wasnt enough. Any thoughts on that? Thanks for the info and advise in any case.