Rainy, wacky days

So I’m new to the game but I kinda’ like it.

A funny thing happened to me today. I had to bus to work in the rain, but it was okay because I had an umbrella. I waited some tables, had a general good day (there are no bad days – it’s a pretty stress-free job apparently) and then I had to bus back, also in the rain, but its okay because I got an umbrella.

I got home to find that my place had been robbed! Oh noes! And they stole my only possession… you guessed it… my umbrella!

Huh?! Didn’t I take that with me to work? Maybe just the thought of having it safe at home in my closet made me feel a little bit drier.

Just thought I’d share my wacky day. What’s been your rainy wacky day?

With one particular group of friends, I get both Relaxed and Excited.

Is that kinda weird?

Realexed is from what I remember the opposite of “stressed”, while “Excited” is the opposite of “bored” so to speak. So they are not exactly opposites of each other. (Though too much boredom may leadt to some stress).