Raising Honesty?

I just got this game, and im having some problems. I really want to be a cop, and I went through the hassle of graduating basic Law and becoming a real fitness nut but for the life of me I cant keep Honesty up, i dont do anything dishonest. Im currently a Teacher’s Aid and I dont lie to friends, but it keeps going down, I’ll get it almost to the amount required then by the time i get to the changing jobs screen, its down by 5 or 10 pts, its really driving me mad. Is there anyway to regularly get it up to a good level? or some kind of edit I can make to the files to stop the crazy decay on it? This is really frustrating, getting held back by this.



Glancing through the game’s files these are the ways to increase honesty (but my preferred way is to just have honest friends and hang around them, same when I want increased confidence. You might need to lose some friends first):


Hanging out with ‘Honest’ friends

Charity Fun Run
Go to Church

Pak Choi - Ace Detective
Byron Frost - PI.

The Haunted Sapphire
Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes


Hanging out with ‘Dishonest’ friends
Falsely claiming to not have enough money for an event
Drunk driving (not sure if that is getting caught whilst drunk driving, or just driving whilst drunk)
Bar fights


And if none of this helps enough then you can change the “Config.txt” file (be sure to backup the file first)

  1. Find the line:
  2. Change 0.96 to 0.99, or 1.00, or whatever figure you feel is more reasonable (1.00 means honesty will never degrade)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

SomeGuyInABikini, working on a 48 hour day

Best way IMHO is to hang around with honest friends and go to church on sunday.
That last one is free, but can only be done once a week.