Raising IQ (problem solving and reasoning)

I have been playing the video game like crazy to raise problem solving; every time it says it has been raised, but it hasn’t. Also, I’ve been hanging out with friends who are supposed to raise reasoning skills, but the effect is negligible. Is there something I don’t know?

Do you have the laptop and are you watching the political debates there. that is the only thing i know of to raise reasoning skills and my reasoning skills have always risen and have stayed that way because I watch the debates at least once a week.

It’s not as difficult as some people make it out to be. It took me 4 or 5 years to get to 100% IQ (with no mods/hacks whatsoever), but now I’ve decided to lower the IQ decay. It takes too much effort to keep it up. :laughing:

Spoiler Below:

Good luck.

bahh, no matter what i try i cannot get my iq to go up ? I think have read every book in the mall and played every game , not doing the trick. Any suggestions ?

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u should click on the iq bar and then it’ll show ya somthing…
There will be some information and 4 other bars.
Ur iq can’t raise, if u do somthing for the full bar…


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Hmmmm… I didn’t get much of the high IQ, 56% I think. But I can say my way: For some low levelsI play sudoku, chess and read a book “boost ur IQ”. Then i simply watch “world news 24” It is simple and efective.
But I don’t know for higher levels.
By the way, what are those many books for ??? Does every book has a purpose?? I don’t think so…

I know some books teach you things, some raise IQ, some raise culture, some just relax you I think.

Good to know about the laptop. I couldn’t get my IQ above 70% because I couldn’t find anything that would raise reasoning. Decay was annoying though. Logic seemed stuck at full bar the entire time however, and I don’t remember doing anything to raise it. (no playing Sudoku).

Buy and read the ‘Expert Chess’ then buy a ‘Chess Set’. You’ll have a new social event for anybody who likes games and you’ll prob’ly win (that’s why you read the book) which boosts your confidence, and both logic and reasoning IQ… if I’m not mistaken.

Ah! That’s why logic was so high. That was Jill and she had two chess buddies she played all the time. She’s the one that reasoning kept her from reaching above 70%, so I don’t think chess deals with reasoning.

I’ve looked in all the files that I can find on my pc, and I can’t seem to find where to lower the iq decay (like pyromaniac said they were going to do) …can someone let me know how?? I’d love to do this, b/c I lose iq points like crazy…and I can’t figure out a way to keep them up without watching the political debates like EVERY day…and then I lose kudos points, and it’s just a bad neverending cycle, hah.


You’ll find this, or should do, in [color=red]config.txt … _IQ_DEGRADE = 0.99

thanks Rocky…I found it :slight_smile: Nowww I should have asked this before, but do you know if I should set it higher (to 1.0) or lower (to say like .1) to make it decay slower?? I’m so technically dumb, it’s awful.

I’m having a similar problem. No matter what I do, unless I do something to raise my IQ / Culture EVERYDAY, it always just drops right back down to where it originally was. Any help here?

I found the degrade lines…

_IQ_DEGRADE = 0.99

Should I raise or lower these? Seems no matter what I put them at, my IQ and Culture reset withing 2 game days.

those numbers are the amount by which IQ is multiplied each day, so 1.0 means no degrading whatsoever, 0.99 should be a 1% degrade (ie very slow).

Video games are good for Logic. As someone else here pointed out, chess increases both Logic and Problem Solving.

The Laptop is very good for IQ building; use Political Debate for the Reasoning or Puzzle Web for the Problem Solving.

Broadsheet Newspaper and TV news are good for Knowledge IQ, but cost some serious happiness. Also, with the Broadsheet Newspaper, you can do crosswords and later “cryptic crosswords” to improve Problem Solving.

Hey All.
I have found buying a newspaper allows a new activity - crosswords - which can raise IQ if you answer correctly.
Hope this helps.
Take it easy and good luck.