Ramcat in the Hospital

Red Alert

Incomming medical ship…Commander Ramcat is aboard…condition critical…ALL HANDS ON DECK…

Red Alert

Seriously I went to the hospital on the 5th of Nov - my birthday. I have been back twice now. Needless to say it’s been rough. Ultimately they don’t know what happened to put me in the hospital, they do know it was not a heart attack or a stroke. But the condition I am left with is a leaking spinal column. I have been back for two “blood patches” and while the first worked for a while then failed, the second did not take at all.

For all of you who read this: send me some good cosmic GSB energy. Wish me well and that I might heal in the next two days.

Thank you for your (forthcomming) comments and friendship, and I appologize for not letting you know earlier Cliff. I hope you all (who practice it) have a great Thanksgiving.

My god, I hardly know you, if that’s the right word, but even so, I hope you recover from this unfortunate moment that you should be living. I wish, correction and if im right, [size=150]everyone in the community of GSB wish you luck, recovery and health.[/size]
Force man.

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Think positive thoughts man and positive things will happen. :slight_smile:
Take care.

Is there a reason the hospital didn’t keep you for observation? I would probably have forced them to keep me if something is wrong with my spine.

Don’t try and get ‘better’ in a hurry either. Everyone deserves as much rest as they need for serious medical issues. Hopefully it won’t take too long of course, but being all fixed is the best outcome.

Be well.

sacrifices 13 slaves in a obscure ritual and sends you 5 virgins

that sucks,and right timing too… hope you get well soon… because if you wont,we`ll kick your arse better :stuck_out_tongue:

That explains why you weren’t on skype this morning :confused:
As i’ve been saying, hope you get better soon. Are there any other things they can try other then blood patches?

Look for the silver lining, more time to play games :slight_smile:

Good luck with your recovery and as already said, don’t attempt to rush the recovery, just get well.

Best wishes and get well soon, and thanks for all your debugging help recently too. Much appreciated.
Best to just float around in a bacta tank for a few days.

LOL, sorry, but that sentence made me laugh a good time, hehe.

My mom with high blood pressure, my fiancee with pneumonia, and now Admiral Ramcat? I demand that the universe stop sending people to the hospital!

Here’s hoping your Tribal repair system gets into full swing asap!

Get well soon, Ramcat.

Ugh, bad news.

Get well soon Admiral!

Focus on healing. Wellwishes to you, and I will pray for healing for you, as well.

That’s some serious mojo you’re combatting, Ramcat. :frowning: Best wishes for a safe and conclusive recovery. If speed has to be sacrificed in order to get that issue beaten with safety and permanence, that’s how I’d want it. Peace.