Random gush from satisfied gamer.

Hello, Positech Games.

I purchased your Democracy game a couple months ago. I saw it sitting on the bottom shelf of a local Electronics Boutique, looking as lonely and forlorn as Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. I’m into political strategy games and was intrigued by a game about being President rather than running for President, so I decided to give it a shot. I found it very fun and addicting. I was thrilled!

I bought Democracy 2 shortly after and found it even better. The new additions were an across-the-board improvement.

It was so cool to see these inexpensive but high-quality games from a small company I’d never heard of, so I decided to buy Kudos, although it didn’t seem like something I’d be too terribly interested in. But it, too, proved to be good times! Funny sound effects, a quest for romance, and fast gameplay make it a winner!

As a drummer in a local rock band, I’ve never cared for the Guitar Hero games or its brethren, but since Positech was 3 for 3 with me, I bought Rock Legend anyway just to give support for you folks. After a couple plays, I found that Rock Legend replicates the morbid feeling associated with losing band members, having motivation plummet, third-rate bookings, etc. too precisely, so I don’t play it anymore.

Now I’ve bought Starship Tycoon. In my experience, tycoon games are hit-or-miss, but given your record with me so far, I’m counting on a hit.

Even it isn’t, I’m now a fan of Positech Games. You folks have come out of nowhere to surprise me with some seriously fun gaming.

Cheers all around!!!

San Ramon, California, USA

hey cheers, I guess rock legend is a bit more downbeat than people would have expected, but I’m only ‘writing what I know’ as someone who played in the club gig circuit for a few years back in the late eighties :smiley:

I’ve also bought the whole shelf of Cliffski…

And I just bought Demodracy 2 :slight_smile:

It is just as fun as it has always been ^^
Each time, it recalls me the night I spent on Capitalism and Civilisation, when I was much younger…
Thanks !!!

PS : You really should translate it in french ^^ I’m sure some froggies would love it as well…

Civilization II is the game that got me started on strategy/empire building/resource management games. It’s great, isn’t dildur?

Je ne parle pas la francais tres bien. Mon francais mange merde. Est un langue tres jolie, mais tres difficile!

Seriously though, I’m amazed by how down I got when playing Rock Legend. When the band gets demoralized, I begin feeling it too, just like when it happens for real! When someone would quit the band, it would almost as bad as for real. I don’t know why, but it’s amazing! So I don’t play the game, it hurts too much!

You rule, Positech!

Im here to say to Cliffski,
A WinRar are you.