Random Spaceship Dump

So, ive been drawing spaceships for…well forever.

here are a few for your perusal, just follow the link. I was thinking about making some nice ortho views of these for people who want to use em with credit of course.


you know, these would be great… if they were top-down. >_> great work though. i couldn’t have made something 3D like that. you must have talent… you must be the chosen one! xD EDIT: ok. so ONE’s top-down. and that’s fleet1.jpg.

making em top down is easy. those are just a few samples. they are all 3d models…some complete and some not. I figured it would be more efficient to show them off and then mod them in on demand…or better make the top down views with alpha channel and let someone sels with more time than me mod em in :slight_smile:

Those look really good. Talk to Cliffski and he may even let you put some of those ships in the game and form a new race. :slight_smile:

ah. ok then.

What did you use to make these?

those are all made in 3dsMAX. ive got a few more…those are just the first ones i grabbed. I plan on fixin some of em up for top down orthos and then let the modders have at em.

Yeah, if you kindly would, make some top down views so i can add them into the game. :smiley:

which brings me to the next question…for people who are better at texturing than me: i supposed youd like nice bare-metal versions so you can color them in?

ok, so its blue…but heres one. go crazy! Its PNG with alpha…one GI light 640x480. i figure its a fighter or tiny frigate scale.

one of my favorite fighters, the centurion. also in PNG with alpha

and in 3d:

cool! :smiley:

Very nice :smiley:

Very nice designs. Hope someone makes a mod with these.

thanx! i make more all the time…ok occasionally ill make a million of them.

the design seems to be rebel but the colour is federation, I am confused :smiley:

looks like a frigate to me, or a very big fighter.

yeah thats what i thought too. maybe a super small frigate class with one or 2 hardpoints. the color is fed, yes (blue) but as far as i know it predates GSB so its just a happy accident.

yeah but the style in wich it is designed resembles Rebel frigates and cruisers

o with the arms? yeah…well hehe desaturate!