Randomness of Starting Conditions


I recently bought Democracy 2 and I’m having quite a bit of fun with it. However, I do have one question about the amount of randomness that exists when starting a new game.

Using Malaganga as an example, there are times when I start with a deficit of -20 billion, or worse. The game is over before it has even really started. Other times, things start out almost breaking even. The amount of situations also varies drastically. The large amount of change, even in the same scenario, makes it difficult for a newbie such as myself to get the hang of things. So, I have two questions:

Is there a way to tone down the amount of randomness, or perhaps have the exact same starting conditions each time?

Are the negative situations and awful starting deficit somehow balanced out in other areas that I am not noticing?


Yeah Im with you on that one… I get different starting problems, different cash etc… some variation is fine, maybe starting the game out in a different part of the econ cycle or somehting, but when the changes are that drastic from game to game then you just gotta wonder if they shouldnt just include a random scenario generator and be done with it

Hi, malaganga shouldn’t vary a lot, it is a debt ridden scenario from the very start. The randomness you see is (I assume) the result of ministerial competence. A better minister is more efficient in his department, so depending who is chancellor etc you will get different initial results. It should only be varying there by a few billion (just tried 4 games to see the difference). Is this maybe after fiddling with the games starting sliders?

I havent touched the sliders yet, but I can tell you that entire problems might not even be there, for instance vigilante mobs.

in zambeezia, once in a while I start out and there is no skills shortage…