RE: Challenge sorting.

Having played the scenarios for a while now, i have a few suggestions that may make things easier for us all.

  • The introduction of a filter to remove completed, unisteresting (as tagged by user), and downloaded maps from the show all maps page.
  • The ability to view the map in deployment mode without it being automatically dowloaded.
  • The ability to delete dowloaded maps (both completed and uncompleted) from within the game.
  • The ability to rate a battle after exiting the map (should you forget).
  • The ability to sort dowloaded maps into folders/pages, by User, Race, Completed and Other (folder/page name to be changeable).
  • The abilty to filter show all page by race and modded content.
  • The ability to send a custom scenario after victory to your current enemy.

All comments are welcome, and thank you for reading.