Re: Current changes (pending next build)

[version 1.68]

  1. [GUI] Changed vehicle renaming so it doesn’t annoyingly add (1) to a duplicate name until you leave that screen, to prevent driving people MAD.
  2. [GUI] Component prices on the finance screen can now be sorted up or down by either name or price.
  3. [GUI] Added remappable shortcut key (B) to toggle blueprint mode.
  4. [GUI] Redesigned layout of car design screen to accommodate longer languages.
  5. [Feature] Added Swedish translation and improved others.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug when adding items to a supply stockpile where some categories would occasionally not be shown.
  7. [GUI] Smart junctions now retain their list of designs when switching in/out of design mode, and also add new designs to the default list.
  8. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when moving existing paint drying slots.
  9. [Feature] You can now move supply stockpiles, and they keep their configuration when moved.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed floor textures under office space, then moved existing office facilities, the default office floor texture was not re-set.
  11. [Feature] Added researchable make electric motor and make electric powertrain slots.
  12. [GUI] Canceling a slot or facility movement action snaps the item back to its old location.
  13. [Feature] You now get a brand awareness boost of up to 20% automatically if you have high number of sales over the last four hours.
  14. [Bug] Moved slots now remember their import preferences.
  15. [Feature] Telling a supply stockpile to copy a specific task’s requirements now links it, and it auto-updates to account for new research. Any manual change to the slot breaks the link.
  16. [GUI] You can now place down conveyor belts as blueprints.
  17. [GUI] The production schedules at the start of each line are now saved if you move that slot.

[version 1.69]

  1. [Bug] Fixed frankly amazingly dumb bug where buying a facility blueprint did not remove the blueprint!
  2. [GUI] Research screen now defaults to a more sensible tab if not launched from a specific research item.
  3. [Balance] Increased the play time from the start of a game before defects start to appear.
  4. [Balance] Reduced the research cost of rework (fixing defects) by 50%
  5. [Bug] Fixed advice so that there are not warnings about an overstocked showroom unless a car has some base level of production and stock.
  6. [Bug] fixed bug where both rotate buttons in vehicle design screen rotated the same way.

[version 1.70]

  1. [GUI] Word-wrapping works on the blueprint slot names now.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where it was possible in some circumstances to skip specific slots on the line.
  3. [Gfx] Tweaked the animation for polishing paintwork so its scales nicely with the progress of the slot.
  4. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when trying to toggle off the upgrade for the maintenance facilities.
  5. [GUI] You can now type non English (supported characterset) characters into text edit boxes like company/vehicle name.
  6. [GUI] Added an explicit fullscreen button to the resolution picking screen under options to reduce confusion on how to enable fullscreen.
  7. [Sounds] Reduced volume of slot placement sounds.
  8. [GUI] Added an extra line in the tooltips to show any applied discounts to the price on cars in the showroom.
  9. [GUI] New statistic displayed on vehicle design window: ‘in production’ to show partly assembled cars of that type.
  10. [Bug] Hopefully a fix for the rare ‘too many path objects’ crash.

[version 1.71]

  1. [GUI] Added sliders in options screen to adjust camera panning speed and autosave interval.
  2. [Bug] Fixed some issues that allowed nonsensical combinations of some features such as pollen filters without aircon, or large batteries with a hybrid powertrain.
  3. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when clicking on the notification message that a world event has recently ended.
  4. [Bug] You can now no longer place down cosmetic items on walls on locked areas or in facings that cannot be seen.
  5. [GUI] Changed the reporting of customers per hour on the market screen so it shows ‘average’ customers per hour, not the number for the previous hour.
  6. [GUI] Changed the ‘next slot not found’ error so it reports the next unlocked slot, not ideal slot. Also fixed word-wrapping on those messages & partial car rendering.
  7. [Bug] You can now move existing slots regardless of whether or not you could afford to buy a new slot of that type.
  8. {GUI] Fix for display problems when any financial figure exceeded roughly 2 billion.
  9. [Bug] Fixed crash when selecting the research button when clicking to see details of a rivals recent research.
    10)[Bug] Fixed bug relating to deleting resource importers with items bound for a supply stockpile in the queue which could lead to supply stockpile problems later.

[version 1.72]

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash when a supply stockpile window is open, and linked to a specific slot while research completes for an upgrade that would add new resources to that slot.
  2. [Performance] Sped up calculation of maintenance effect overlay which might fix a crash bug for the maintenance facility.
  3. [GUI] Added hotkeys for finance screen (‘f’), Vehicle design (‘v’),Research (‘t’), Sales (‘m’), Efficiency (‘e’). All are remappable.
  4. [Performance] Much faster route finding, which should boost performance during load and also when placing new slots or resource importers/conveyors.
  5. [Bug] Fixed error where the token “SHARE” was shown untranslated in one event pop-up window.
  6. [Feature] A new button at the bottom of any slots ‘imports’ tab gives you access to a screen which lets you change the global import setting for all current & future imports.
  7. [GUI] You can now move individual items up and down within a production schedule using new up and down buttons.
  8. [GUI] You can now click directly on those pop-up notices at the start of a production line to go directly to the production manager screen for that slot.
  9. [GUI] You can now click anywhere on a closed drop-down list to expand it.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where saving a game and then re-opening the save game list shows two copies of the same game.

[version 1.73]

  1. [GUI] The choose company logo window is now larger if space allows.
  2. [GUI] Fixed some locations where numbers greater than 2 billion were still displayed wrongly.
  3. [Bug] Fixed resource bug whereby with ‘prefer local’ setting, a slot could ignore nearby supply stockpiles and use importers instead if there was no local production in the factory or local items in the stockpile.
  4. [Performance] Overhead resource items not drawn when very zoomed out or if frame rate is low and fairly zoomed out.
  5. [Balance] Fitting the high performance powertrain now has a speed penalty to bring it more in line with other engine upgrades.
  6. [Bug] FINALLY fixed that long standing graphical glitch where newly placed slots sometimes had 1 or 2 little decorative items that stopped a few pixels short of landing until you moved the camera.
  7. [Bug] Fixed slight visual anomaly where a car might initially face the wrong way when waiting to be processed at a smart junction.
  8. [GUI] Clicking the power gauge before power plants are researched will launch the research screen focused on powerplant research now.
  9. [Feature] Added a new button at the top of the slot picker that toggles the display of blueprints on and off while the game is in the normal factory view mode.
  10. [GUI] Clamped map scrolling so its impossible to scroll the whole world offscreen.
  11. [GUI] Mod browser now shows red/green for disdabled/enabled status on the left hand side.
  12. [Bug] Fixed a few visual anomalies on the vehicle design screen previews with layers showing incorrectly.
  13. [GUI] Basic car now hidden as a feature for smart junctions, but basic features like solid roof are now selectable.
  14. [GUI] Smart junctions now show what mode they are in, and if feature mode, what feature(s) are being filtered when hovering mouse over them. Also support 2 features at a time.
  15. [Balance] A series of balance changes to enable the manufacturing slots for seats,aircon,sunroofs,panoramic sunroofs and fuel tanks to produce multiple items in one go.
  16. [Balance] Adjustments to improve competitiveness of some manufacturing slots such as chip production,arches,bumpers,brakes and heated wing mirrors & steering wheels.
  17. [Content] Added new researchable rapid shipping slot which reduces shipping time by 25%.
  18. [Feature] The game now saves the current mod list in save games and warns on load if a specific mod is not installed and enabled.
  19. [Performance] Major speedup to path-finding to reduce lag after loading game or placing/changing resource conveyors.
  20. [Bug] Fixed bug with global local setting for resource imports.
  21. [Balance] Changed R&D so that smart junctions can be researched earlier and more quickly, whereas predictive stock control requires turbo charged conveyors.
  22. [Bug] Fixed bug where the player has named multiple zones identically in a custom map, and therefore savedgames only unlock the first zone of that name (now all get unlocked).
  23. [Bug] Doubled size of maximum objects and increased performance for assigning them to prevent random crash with super-huge factories.
  24. [GUI] Improved the design of the vehicle price slider.
  25. [GUI] Fixed UI issue where the width of the ‘defects’ tooltip for vehicles was too long in rare cases.

[version 1.74]

  1. [Bug] Fixed rare crash involving placing a blueprint for a slot on top of a starting-slot (like chassis assemble), then buying the blueprint.
  2. [Bug] Fixed crash when loading a game with vehicles at any very extreme edge tiles.
  3. [GUI] Improved usability of scroll wheel on car design price slider.
  4. [Balance] New car designs get a sensible starting price when created due to research to prevent accidentally having zero priced cars.
  5. [Balance] Increased purchase price of the shipping and paperwork slots by 30%
  6. [Balance] Increased purchase price of the fit computer and fit electrical components slots by 80%
  7. [Balance] Doubled the purchase price of the make electric powertrain and make electric motor slots.
  8. [Balance] Doubled the production cost of the make steel sheets slot.
  9. [Balance] Reduced the research cost of smart junctions by about 50%.
  10. [Balance] Increased the research time for some types of wheels and seats (design types).
  11. [Bug] Changed the export-rate for supply stockpiles so that they could not be overwhelmed, resulting in long invisible queues and an inability to send items out at a reasonable rate.
  12. [Bug] Fixed crash bug under certain circumstances when deleting very busy resource importers.

[version 1.75]

  1. [Balance] Some manufacturing slot research now requires the base fit slots to be researched and unlocked first now.
  2. [Bug] The ‘copy from slot’ feature on supply stockpiles now takes into account that batteries are needed for fit fuel tanks if electric or hybrid cars are researched.
  3. [Bug] The post-research screen now takes powertrain into account when suggesting which cars get a feature.
  4. [GUI] There are now small up/down buttons on the vehicle design screen to adjust the price, which do the same job as the mousewheel.
  5. [GUI] The discounts for the showroom have been moved into a tab on the market screen.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug where the setting for global factory resource importers persisted if you started a new game.
  7. [Bug] Nappa, White & Red seat manufacture slots now do the correct thing and dont produce any standard seats.
  8. [Bug] Fixed bug where placing then deleting conveyor belts in blueprint mode prevented new blueprints being placed in the same place.
  9. [Balance] Defects now start fading in over ten hours rather than suddenly appearing at some point in the game.
  10. [GUI] Added new button on the option screen to reset the status of advisors so you get all advice categories again.
  11. [GUI] You can now infinitely expand all of the slot picker UI in blueprint mode so you can place down any blueprints ahead of researching them.
    place down any blueprints ahead of researching them.
  12. [GUI] The pop-up windows on the task-picker for resource importers now show how long each one takes to import an item, to more clearly show relative speeds.
  13. [Bug] Supply stockpiles now also automatically stock combo-resources such as heated and folding wingmirrors, if all the sub-components are required for a linked slot.
  14. [GUI] The pop-up label for the supply stockpiles now show the current linekd slot type in brackets underneath if linked.
  15. [Bug] Fixed bug where if loading or starting a second game, some visual elements like open top or sunroof or wheels did not show correctly.
  16. [GUI] Market value of each car now shown in the vehicle design screen.
  17. [GUI] Mouse wheel now scrolls correctly in the showroom vehicle features list.
  18. [GUI] Renamed the ‘insufficient resources’ message, and also ‘wrong bodystyle’ and ‘predictive stock control’ so they all make more sense.
  19. [GUI] Fixed layout of market analysis screen at 2560x1440 res.
  20. [GUI] The ‘new’ text on recently researched slots on the slot picker now times out and disappears after being displayed for 30 seconds.
  21. [GUI] Fixed font problem with the X character in company name.
  22. [GUI] Map editor now highlights the potential placement tiles for importers and exporters in that mode to avoid confusion.
  23. [Bug] Fixed bug where blueprints placed and then bought, then slots deleted could still prevent other blueprints being placed.
  24. [GUI] The drop-down list in the production manager (for new car scheduling) is now sorted alphabetically.
  25. [GUI] The demolish tool (drag-select to delete) now works on a 1 tile width/height area, previously was a minimum of 2.

[version 1.76]

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when using B hotkey twice with task picker closed.
  2. [GUI] Improved component tab on efficiency screen shows more stats, in more sortable columns, with only one column now.
  3. [GUI] Improved pie charts on expenses chart now highlight the top few component costs as different shades of red.
  4. [Bug] Fixed missing LED headlights graphic for sports car.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where the player was not credited a refund when unused resources were automatically refunded by a slot due to not being used over a long period.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug where the ‘prefer local’ option for resource importing seemed to work incorrectly.
  7. [Balance] Slowed down the rate at which the perceived value of vehicle features change over time in response to competition. This should reduce price micro-management.
  8. [Bug] Fixed bug where car designs that used white or red seats, but fewer of them due to body design were using too many and wrong seats.
  9. [Bug] Fixed issue where in certain combinations, resources might be ordered badly by slots, notably the air suspension upgrade on fit undercarriage.
  10. [GUI] Changed the vehicle design screen so that component cost was using the current purchase price of components, not just the games starting price for them.
  11. [GUI] Improvements to map editor to allow placement of import/export on edge tiles, also blocks out and shows the 2 adjacent tiles next to export slots.
  12. {Performance] Reduced lag on huge maps when placing new overhead conveyor routes.
  13. [Bug] Moving a task-linked supply stockpile now retains its task link.
  14. [Bug] The advice to research new body types now will not trigger if you are already researching your first body type.
  15. [GUI] When placing a conveyor or the overhead conveyor, ESC key now cancels, as does right-click.
  16. [GUI] When design is being researched (or along with normal research) an extra green progress bar appears by the research icon now.
  17. [Bug] Fixed zoom limit on map editor with really big maps.
  18. [GUI] Zoom in/out with the mouse wheel on the map editor now does zoom-to-cursor.
  19. [Bug] When moving an existing slot, disabled upgrades are no longer removed and need re-buying.
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[version 1.761]

  1. [GUI] Added text to the vehicle details screen which shows that specific cars powertrain (may differ from current powertrain for that cars design).
  2. [GUI] List of features on the car details screen is now sorted to show the most recently fitted feature at the top.
  3. [GUI] The vehicle design screen now correctly shows the effective component cost for all designs, based on both the current market price of imported components AND reflecting that you may be producing some or all of them yourself.
  4. [Bug] Fixed anomaly where some tech research items, like manufacture sensors had weird pre-requisites.

[version 1.77]

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when deleting a smart junction with an open config window for that junction, then adjusting its settings.
  2. [Bug] Fixed misleading yellow warning for sunroof on some designs where panoramic sunroof was unlocked and common but not valid on that body style.
  3. [Bug] Fixed missing import config options on the fit seats slot for nappa, red and white leather seats.
  4. [GUI] Finance screen tabs now autosize where possible to save taking up too much space.
  5. [GUI] Expenses tab on finance screen now sortable up/down on each column. Pie charts now sorted by cost.
  6. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when marketing window is open at the point when a marketing campaign ends. Also the customer/revenue stats now update in real time.
  7. [Balance] Brand awareness from high sales (organic) now easier to achieve and has a bigger effect. This is now shown on the brand awareness box.
  8. [GUI] Options screen now includes the option to disable the red flashing and facility pop-ups when no research is currently taking place & facilities exist.
  9. [Bug] Fixed bug where you could still click on or right-click-delete a blueprint when those blueprints had been deliberately hidden.
  10. [Bug] Fixed hang when connecting resource conveyors to a vast list of unconnected stockpiles with the slot notices activated.
  11. [GUI] Vehicle design screen now shows design preview icons by names (if space permits) unless it needs the space for longer names.

[version 1.78]

  1. [GUI]Fixed bad formatting of car sales values over $2billion.
  2. [Content] Added new researchable upgrade for the visual inspection slot which makes the checks take much longer but very high chance to spot defects.
  3. [Content] Added new researchable slot to manufacture hybrid powertrains.
  4. [GUI] Improved a number of tooltips and requirements on the research screen to hide pointless tooltip information, reformat short ones, and make requirements more sensible.
  5. [GUI] Clicking any box on the market matrix (sales) where you have a design for that price/body style now opens the design window for the first matching design.
  6. [GUI] The text on the market analysis window for each car design can now be clicked on to open the vehicle design screen.
  7. [GUI] Added visual up/down indicators to the columns in component efficiency and finance expense screens to indicate/reflect the current sorted column and direction.
  8. [GUI] You can at last drag-and drop research queue items to re-arrange them!
  9. [GUI] Added search bar to the top right of the research screen. start typing in there to find a tech from its name.

[version 1.79]

  1. [BUG] Fixed timing bug that affected the speed that some slots operated in certain combinations of upgrade.
  2. [GUI] You can now scroll on the marketing screen using the mouse wheel.
  3. [Bug] Fixed crash bug on certain fixed hour boundaries if a debugger was detected.
  4. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when placing supply stockpiles rapidly after one another when frame rate was low or number of slots really high.
  5. [GUI] Sort order and direction now remembered for the vehicle design screen, the expenses list and the component (efficiency) list.
  6. [GUI] Income screen now has sortable columns.
  7. [GUI] The bottom-right screen event messages now have delete buttons so they can be closed immediately.
  8. [Bug] Fixed some weird incorrect characters in certain areas of Italian language text.
  9. [Bug] Fixed hyper rare crash bug relating to advisors and multithreading.
  10. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when moving visual inspection slot with all upgrades.
  11. [Balance] Reduced market value of a hybrid powertrain to $7,500. Increased cost of Hybrid Powertrain to $1,950.
  12. [GUI] An extremely long list of minor changes and tweaks to colors / positions, fonts etc for various parts of the UI.
  13. [GUI] Search bar added at the top of the slot picker!
  14. [Bug] Fixed missing resource options for the import priorities tab for non-standard powertrains (hybrid etc).
  15. [GUI] Both direction drag now works in map editor create new zone.
  16. [Balance] Hybrid powertrain never becomes common now.
  17. [GUI] Improvements to UI for placing resource conveyors.
  18. [Bug] Fixed GUI bug where the AI-research icons on a research-facility popup did not drag with the parent window.
  19. [GUI] Hovering the mouse over the sales/showroom button now expands that white bubble to show a detailed showroom breakdown.
  20. [Content] 5 new researchable marketing options: Social media,Sponsorship,Product Placement,Billboards and Banner ads.
  21. [Content] Better car light graphics.

[version 1.80]

  1. [BUG] Fixed bug where graphics on RHS of screen corrupted when viewing maintenance overlay on a screen wider than 4096 pixels.
  2. [Feature] Search bars on R&D and task picker now create a drop down of items to click on as well as zooming to the first item.
  3. [GUI] There is a new button on the showroom screen that allows you to toggle between the normal and (new) summary view.
  4. [Bug] Fixed wrong display of points-per-minute on the R&D screen for designs. (purely a visual problem).
  5. [GUI] Battery indicator now shows supply values over 100%.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed a floor tile using the factory decoration several times, then removed a slot, only the first change is remembered.
  7. [Feature] Mods can now include scenarios in the \modname\data\scenarios folder and they will be recognized. (still only 1 per map for now).
  8. [Bug] Fixed some bugs relating to manufacture of powertrains (upgrades were not mutually exclusive) and stop start engine upgrade not requiring the correct components.
  9. [Bug] Fixed rare bug that gave an error about being unable to highlight a tutorial window.
  10. [GUI] Improved and expanded initial tutorial
  11. [Bug] Aluminium is now available as a resource everywhere once you research alloy wheels OR aluminium bodies.
  12. [Bug] Fixed error in the way imported components were being calculated on the components efficiency screen, meaning they were sometimes assumed to be imported when stockpiles were being run-down instead.
  13. [Bug] Fixed UI anomaly on the lines showing incoming resources to a slot on huge maps when partially zoomed in.
  14. [Performance] major speed-up of the processing of customers for late-game with many customers and cars in showroom for a long time.
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[version 1.81]

  1. [Bug] Fixed rare case where some cars would have missing components at specific zoom levels (only painted components drawn) also affected cars drawn in conveyor-placement mode.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where you could get the demolish tool ‘stuck’ because it didnt cancel when right clicking.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug where backspace key removed 2 characters instead of 1.
  4. [Feature] Added new ‘import flow analysis’ feature to slots. New arrows on the import tab for the slot window lets you toggle a feature to show the import source for any selected resource.
  5. [Feature] New hotkey: ‘P’ (remappable) moves the currently selected slot (instead of having to click the move icon at the top right).