Re: Current changes (pending next build)


[version 1.68]

  1. [GUI] Changed vehicle renaming so it doesn’t annoyingly add (1) to a duplicate name until you leave that screen, to prevent driving people MAD.
  2. [GUI] Component prices on the finance screen can now be sorted up or down by either name or price.
  3. [GUI] Added remappable shortcut key (B) to toggle blueprint mode.
  4. [GUI] Redesigned layout of car design screen to accommodate longer languages.
  5. [Feature] Added Swedish translation and improved others.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug when adding items to a supply stockpile where some categories would occasionally not be shown.
  7. [GUI] Smart junctions now retain their list of designs when switching in/out of design mode, and also add new designs to the default list.
  8. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when moving existing paint drying slots.
  9. [Feature] You can now move supply stockpiles, and they keep their configuration when moved.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed floor textures under office space, then moved existing office facilities, the default office floor texture was not re-set.
  11. [Feature] Added researchable make electric motor and make electric powertrain slots.
  12. [GUI] Canceling a slot or facility movement action snaps the item back to its old location.
  13. [Feature] You now get a brand awareness boost of up to 20% automatically if you have high number of sales over the last four hours.
  14. [Bug] Moved slots now remember their import preferences.
  15. [Feature] Telling a supply stockpile to copy a specific task’s requirements now links it, and it auto-updates to account for new research. Any manual change to the slot breaks the link.
  16. [GUI] You can now place down conveyor belts as blueprints.
  17. [GUI] The production schedules at the start of each line are now saved if you move that slot.


[version 1.69]

  1. [Bug] Fixed frankly amazingly dumb bug where buying a facility blueprint did not remove the blueprint!
  2. [GUI] Research screen now defaults to a more sensible tab if not launched from a specific research item.
  3. [Balance] Increased the play time from the start of a game before defects start to appear.
  4. [Balance] Reduced the research cost of rework (fixing defects) by 50%
  5. [Bug] Fixed advice so that there are not warnings about an overstocked showroom unless a car has some base level of production and stock.
  6. [Bug] fixed bug where both rotate buttons in vehicle design screen rotated the same way.


[version 1.70]

  1. [GUI] Word-wrapping works on the blueprint slot names now.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where it was possible in some circumstances to skip specific slots on the line.
  3. [Gfx] Tweaked the animation for polishing paintwork so its scales nicely with the progress of the slot.
  4. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when trying to toggle off the upgrade for the maintenance facilities.
  5. [GUI] You can now type non English (supported characterset) characters into text edit boxes like company/vehicle name.
  6. [GUI] Added an explicit fullscreen button to the resolution picking screen under options to reduce confusion on how to enable fullscreen.
  7. [Sounds] Reduced volume of slot placement sounds.
  8. [GUI] Added an extra line in the tooltips to show any applied discounts to the price on cars in the showroom.
  9. [GUI] New statistic displayed on vehicle design window: ‘in production’ to show partly assembled cars of that type.
  10. [Bug] Hopefully a fix for the rare ‘too many path objects’ crash.


[version 1.71]

  1. [GUI] Added sliders in options screen to adjust camera panning speed and autosave interval.
  2. [Bug] Fixed some issues that allowed nonsensical combinations of some features such as pollen filters without aircon, or large batteries with a hybrid powertrain.
  3. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when clicking on the notification message that a world event has recently ended.
  4. [Bug] You can now no longer place down cosmetic items on walls on locked areas or in facings that cannot be seen.
  5. [GUI] Changed the reporting of customers per hour on the market screen so it shows ‘average’ customers per hour, not the number for the previous hour.
  6. [GUI] Changed the ‘next slot not found’ error so it reports the next unlocked slot, not ideal slot. Also fixed word-wrapping on those messages & partial car rendering.
  7. [Bug] You can now move existing slots regardless of whether or not you could afford to buy a new slot of that type.
  8. {GUI] Fix for display problems when any financial figure exceeded roughly 2 billion.
  9. [Bug] Fixed crash when selecting the research button when clicking to see details of a rivals recent research.
    10)[Bug] Fixed bug relating to deleting resource importers with items bound for a supply stockpile in the queue which could lead to supply stockpile problems later.