Hi. I paid for and downloaded Kudos a long time ago, and my computer has since crashed since then. I thought I saved the download link email, but I can’t find it. Judging from other posts, the link wouldn’t work anyway.

Is there a way I can download the game again, because for some reason I have a compulsive need to play it. :slight_smile:

Send an email to cliff at positech dot co dot uk with an explanation, like your post, and he’ll get back to you.

A coupla months back my HD gave up, lost everything, and that’s how I got my games back.

Burn the setup file you download to disc and then if you have any problems in the future you can reinstall from the disc. Thats what i did after buying a new computer in Febuary. I wiped the old computer and installed Posi’s games on the one i’m using now.