This new reshuffle dialog will let you carry out a partial-reshuffle (either mid term or a free one after an election win), so you can choose to retain those ministers you still find useful 😃

I really like this idea, I’m guessing that this will not affect business confidence as much as a full reshuffle?

This is a good point actually… Currently a post-election win reshuffle has no effect on business confidence, and otherwise the reshuffle impact is fixed but I can a good reason to scale the impact by the severity… Also I guess it needs to be a bit smarter than that. Firing the transport minister probably should affect business confidence way less than firing the chancellor or economy minister… and also if they are fired and replaced with someone who has more experience…then maybe thats a good thing!

I shall revisit the code

Thanks for the quick reply, and I didn’t even think of the impacts of specific ministers. Good point!