Read Only?

Im trying to edit the kudos 2 game as i gathered that was okay to do. I had finnished what i wanted to do and when i went to edit it back, it says i couldnt save it as it was a read only copy, does anyong know how to change it so that i can complete it and save it?

By the way, to the creator, you did an EXCELLENT job on this game. I love it and am very very pleased a 2 came out!!! YAY :slight_smile:

You didn’t have the game running at the time did you? You can’t have Kudos running when you edit the files.

No, i dont think it was running at the same time. Pretty sure it wasnt. Would it have been because i didnt uninstall a previous free time trial properly, so there were 2 files of the same thing, maybe that could of been the problem? Well i did get rid of that but it is still not letting me edit it, what can be the problem? Maybe there is some sort of software i need to download?

If you don’t have the game running, then you should check to see if the file is set to “Read Only” in its properties. If it is NOT read only, then check to make sure you have security access to write. If you still can’t open it then I’m at wit’s end. What is the file you are trying to edit?

Open the file(s) in either Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, or Notepad (NOT Workpad).

Wayno, usually at wit’s end

Thanks for all your help, and its the assets folder. But i have a feeling its because of i am playing it by the demo version, so its not the full game. Can you change it on the demo version?

If you’re on Vista, this can happen if you installed the game in Program Files. Vista protects some directories (like Program Files, Windows, Boot) from writing by non-admins.

Uninstall Kudos2 and reinstall in C:\Games.

You should never install a game in Program Files.

This may explain some problems I was having on my laptop. I just set Kudos2 to Run as Admin, which also fixed the problem.