Real Countries

One of the main comments that I have seen people making about Democracy 2 is why are there no real countries in it. I had a look at the mission files and it is very easy to convert missions from Democracy 1 to Democracy 2. Therefore, for those of you missing the “real” countries, here are some conversions from the original Democracy for you to play.

Conversions of the originals from Democracy 1

UK -
Canada - …
France - …
Germany - …
Italy - … /

More realistic and updated versions of the originals

UK - … /
Poland - … - thanks to DreamTwister for this one

There are three files - the mission file needs to be put in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\missions, and the two flags (the bitmaps) (which are resized versions of the original from Democracy 1) need to go in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\bitmaps\flags. The Polish one also has the file file polish_names.txt which needs to go in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\simulation. Change the root if appropriate.

Pandaman’s Countries
Countries converted by Pandaman

Estonia: (Thanks to Dem1 modder Krzysztof)

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By the way, I downloaded your UK one on the thread titled “England Mod?”; could you check if thats the most updated UK one you’ve done please? Just so if it isn’t I can download the updated one :slight_smile: thanks

Yes, the missions linked to here are the same ones linked to on the other thread. I have just drawn them all together into one appropriately named thread here.

Oh ok thanks Tomphil :slight_smile:

Post any other countries (real or fictional) up on here so I can mod them :stuck_out_tongue:

One other thing; how did you make the flag for the Newland one?

I just recoloured one of the other flags in Photoshop (I think if you look it’s the same as the Malaganga flag, just in different colours).

Oh I see, yes…I am useless with photo-editing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any new country mods on the way by the way?


I’m sure I’ll probably do some more in the next few days, although I have a major essay that I am having to write for University, and I am also working on making my own computer game (although nothing on the scale of Democracy 2, and not for sale, only for a bit of fun).

I’ve updated all the above missions so that they now have flags in the format required by version 1.03. To ensure that the flags display correctly in the new version, please redownload the missions.

I’ve added two more countries - Germany and Canada, which you can download from my post at the top.


By the way, you know the new patch thing, well I redownloaded your mods ready for the patch but do I have to reunzip the text-files into the mission folder? Or is it just the flags that needed updating?

Only the flags need updating (in fact, only the big flag, ie. the one without _s in the name, needs updating). The mission text files are exactly the same.

Ok thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

and Italy?..

I’ve added Italy. It’s a conversion from the mission file from Democracy 1, and as I have little idea about Italian politics, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the details in it. I presume that you will have a much better idea than me. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to either fix it yourself or to send them to me and I shall make the changes and upload a modified version.

Tomphil, I downloaded your Newstate ‘mission’ and found it to be really good :slight_smile: I am not very good on it though haha its really a challange. It’s really good how you came up with that though, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

You should think about making another one of your fictional ones when you have the time. :bulb:

when i go to the choose contray page none of the added nations are on there

Have you copied the mission text files into the correct folder? They should all now be in the C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\missions folder.

are there not scroll buttons to go to another page of them?

Werid… when I extracted them the mission folders to missions and the flag floders to flags they were in there only folders I fixed it…

Thanks to DreamTwister, I have now added Poland to the list of real countries that you can play in Democracy 2. The link is in the top post.

Do I have to delete my ‘old’ version of the United Kingdom to replace it with your newer more realistic version, Tomphil?