Real Countries

As the moment, they both have the same filename. If you want them both installed, just rename one of the files. You may also wish to change the “name” or “description” value in the file so that you can distinguish which is which in the game!

Oh ok thanks, I think I’ll just replace the old one with the new one :slight_smile:

I have the missions downloaded fine, but the where both the flags should bei sj ust white and I get an error called D3DEngine Error, and it says "please check publishers website for tech support details [failed to locate texture:flag_usa_s.bmp]

I have them in the flag folder

Here are some more countries for all of you :slight_smile:.

Estonia: (Thanks to Dem1 modder Krzysztof)

Anyone planning on making some more fictional ones? Like Nighteen-Eighty Four or England under Norsefire (V for Vendetta) or The World Controllers of Brave New World? Or maybe some real countries which aren’t on Dem1, like Estonia we have here. PR-China prehaps? New Zealnand? Israel? Etc. Or maybe a real country but just ajusted to an alternative future?

Hi Pandaman,

I have included these new missions of yours in my post at the top of this thread to keep them all together. I’ve given you credit of course. Hope you don’t mind.

Im willing to make fictional\more real-world nations, but someone has to do the flags (although I could easily do a New Zealand-its flag is practically the same as the Australian flag, but with red stars.)\

BTW, PR-china is a big no-no (its not democratic :wink:)Taiwan and Hong Kong would be OK though :wink:.

Thats fine. I might update them to work with your auto-installer later.

I can get you a flag for Norsefire or INGSOC (Nighteen-Eighty Four Government) (they won’t be all wavey like the normal ones though) but it would be an advantage if you knew about the Governments in those novels. If you don’t make them particular ones then you could make one up yourself and I would try and find a decent flag to go with it?

The wavy-ness looks cool, but it does not matter.

And, I have seen V is for Vendetta and read 1984, so I know what the world is like.

How about we work on a Big-Brother Style state, what to call it? Oceania probably?
What problems would there be? what policies would they have already?
Although come to think, Oceania isn’t exactly a democracy either.

Maybe not make it a ‘democracy’ per se, but instead have each four or so years, have a ‘vote’ of the inner party, where, the different segments (conservatives, socialist, liberals) vote to choose the ‘Big Brother’ for the next four years. Term limit of two or three-keep it small.

State Housing (for the Proles)
CCTV cameras
Armed Police
ID Cards
State Schools (propaganda)
No road matanace, etc
Very high taxes

Yes, prehaps someone could make a properganda policy? Patroits + (and patriot membership +), Conservatives +, Liberals -, Crime-, productivity + etc.
Prehaps even a Big Brother policy. A Law/Justice policy which could be similar to CCTV cameras but the actual firgure head Big Brother, to frighten people 8) ; Violant Crime -, Crime-, Liberals -, Conservatives +, State Employee membership + etc