Real time multiplayer

A real time multiplayer would be a giant profit twords you game as an update or free-addon
you could start off with your own planet or have this as a team game where you would make the player choose from the species in the game (probably every one would go empire)
and have this all going real time. like you allready have a campain scenary you guys use the hard ware would be already what you can use from the campain so it would not be such a large leap but a profitable one. like this game has great potentiul for a great future. like not many games have this type of attack and contruction of ships.
so back to the game idea well you can set up a huge galaxy with each species on each corner or each species has their own galaxy where at first they have to kill AI bots on planets to take control of their galaxy once full control they can attack others even if they havent killed the AI. so say set up maby a few servers for this.
to how it might run would be each person has a planet which people could move troops through your base and use their resources they get from their planet. or planets they help capture. or by the resources from building minning stations on astroid clusters in the galaxy. or a higher power such as a moderator for each species of the game if you have enuff workers that helped build this wounderfull game or have it like campain where every 5 miniutes its a turn and every planet produces a certain amount of resources which will lead to who ever has the larges faction will have more ships. But i hope you look this over and think about it. it would be awsome and im pretty sure every one would want this too.
-sincerly killenbigbugs

what no body thinks a multiplayer galactic conquest would be fun so you can work with others and learn new ideas of ships to create or be tactical like one person brings fighters, the others brings close support cruisers and long range missle ships(artys)?

Is good idea, maybe message cliffski about it?

due to the games design there’s no easy way to implement real time multiplayer i could see something like splitscreen though