Rebind keys?


I just wanted to know if there is a way to rebind keys - eg. bind pause to “space”?


No sorry, not at the moment :frowning:

So who do I have to bribe to get this feature implemented? :wink:

It’s more work than you might think, because you need a GUI for assigning keys, plus a ton of code to check there aren’t any conflicts etc. If it was just an hours work, I’d do it today, but it’s on the list…

I hope that you’ll find the time to implement this. I don’t know how the code in your game works but I admit that the GUI and potentially changing the coding to allow for non-hardcoded keys, could require some effort. :slight_smile:

I registered just to comment on this.

I second (hopefully there’s more of us than that) the request for modifiable keybindings-- even if merely via a text file (to save you the trouble of a GUI). Or perhaps just come up with more gratuitous default keybindings =) Considering we’re on WASD for camera movement (mouse pan is terrible due to all the excess movement required), I think SPACE should be PAUSE. P is on the complete opposite end of the keyboard as WASD. Also, it would be nice to be able to bind units-for-deployment to numeric keys. Oh and your shift-tab (NEXT DIVISION) key conflicts with Steam’s ever-popular overlay toggle.

Considering you have fully modifiable text files for little things in the game like all the text on the screen/buttons, I’m more than a bit surprised the same care wasn’t taken with user interface. Keybindings are an integral part of the user experience, after all.

And am I missing something with the key conflict detection? Just throw all the bindings in a text file and check the assignments for duplicates. If duplicates found, maybe display a message to the user on launch and then set the conflicts to their default keys until the conflict is fixed in the text file.

That said, the gameplay is pretty nice. Hope to see this get fixed. Thanks!

I rebound the steam overlay to ctrl+tab because that’s a combination I rarely need to press in any game. Still, space for pause, wasd for camera movement would make a lot of sense. I’d be comfortable with having to edit a textfile to rebind the keys.

Have you tried the click and drag? that’s by far the best way. Just grab the ground with your mouse (not a unit) and drag it around.