Recomend a news site or games site to me...

The VAST VAST VAST Majority of the people on Earth have (amazingly) never tried the kudos 2, rock legend or Democracy 2 demo’s. I suspect this is because they have never heard of any of those three games. I only know about the game sites I know about, so I know I’m missing out on promoting my games to huge swathes of people.
Do you regularly check a games site or other site that covers games that has NEVER mentioned any of those three games?
If so, let me know here which site it is, and I’ll email them and try and blag a review :D. If you have 5 minutes spare to email them yourself and say something along the lines of “hey you should cover this game it’s cool”, then I would REALLY appreciate it.

Gamespy? That’s a pretty big one - unfortunately their reviews volume is pretty low - so not sure how much luck you’d have in getting their attention - the game Kudos 2 is listed however :)!

I’d be very happy if I could get proper review coverage on a site like that. However the big sites tend to ignore indie games :frowning:

Personally I don’t use many game sites and usually rely on mates and my ISP to tell me what’s up and coming. That in mind:

Hyper used to be a magazine I read (the only gaming mag I read) and the forums are fairly busy:

My ISP ( hosts quota-free demos and movie trailers too:

This may not be a gaming site, as it were, but Shamus does review games in detail and loves to advertise his hatred of DRM.
Also he has done a piece on your “Talking to Pirates” :slight_smile:

Wayno, directed here from there and all out of bubblegum

Yeah my ISP hosts demos/trailers etc. too and it’s actually got Kudos 2 listed already :):

(Looks like we’re both from Oz, Wayno)

PC Powerplay is another well known paper-magazine here in Australia and they usually run special features on indie games/gamers

(EDIT: I’ve posted on their DVD recommendations thread to include the Kudos 2 demo. So fingers crossed if it does end up on the next magazine DVD, it may get some wider exposure :)).

Thanks for the tips everyone.

I found a website you can advertise and promote your educational games on, its called Taking IT Global.

Gamereactor (scandinavian magazine and site) had Democracy 1 and kudos 1 and rockband review but sadly i still havent seen kudos 2 or democracy 2 getting reviewed by them… Already asked them why they didnt review your later games but never got a answer. .se .no .fi and .eu are all their sites
Email for their main man thomas.tanggaard[AT]

The magazine is free and a hell lot of people read it because of that, kind of like all the free newspapers.

We are about to open up shop on a developing enterprise of our own. We’ve been getting all our ducks in order over the last 3 years with licenses and legal paperwork but would be more than happy to post a link or add a banner to Positech. No DRM no charge, consider it my thank you for the games and the ease of use. Might be a nice idea to offer a banner for us to flash around when we can and link to the site. I am one of those who never heard of the games Ive been missing out on. My nieces enjoy them immensely as do I.

Hmmm, perhaps I should suggest the same, but I’ll offer a space on my page in exchange for free games. I have ~12 page views a year, but you can be those people who go there mean to :wink:

Cliffski, have you thought about pushing your games to some of the Webcomics out there? They might’n’t be pure games sites but you can guarantee they’ll have a similar audience and almost all have a blog where they comment on game news/quality.

I understand this might be a moot point with your ‘piracy’ talks at one stage seemingly dominating the internet :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m still finding new threads on webcomic/gaming sites that bring this up!)

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On and off, I advertise on a lot of the webcomic sites using project wonderful.

Just started becoming a regular reader of:

Wayno, certainly not foruming at work

I got to agree with Rambutaan, GameSpy would be nice place to try because its big. Also if you can, I think you should try ask if any game magazine wants to interview you.

Lots of games come out all the time. I never have a chance to play them all. It’s hard to find lists of good games to play even among the large publishers with big budgets, let alone smaller companies.

What about selling your games in some DRM-free Download sites? That way you will get more attention/bigger audience, because more people will visit those sites.

EDIT: I know this sounds silly, but you can ask couple of your friends to place papers around cities. They don’t have to handle the paper to other people, just leave it on top of mailbox or on top of other stuff. You can do this yourself too. Ideally these papers should advertise your website and your blog, but they’re to be simpe so it can be cheap to print from printer. Or if you have more money, you can try to lay posters instead of paper. This way REAL PEOPLE in REAL WORLD will see the ads. lol just my 2cents