Redshirt Beta v0.5 released!

Last night, we released Redshirt Beta v0.5! Existing testers, you can use the original download link in your email to re-download and re-install the game.

Just in case you haven’t yet preordered, why not go to to get your playable beta of the game?

Here is the changelist:

Redshirt v0.5 Changelist

  • Happiness and Health attribute bars no longer slidable! (Fixed bug: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8409)
  • FIXED BUG: ‘mutual friends’ list was showing wrong list of friends (viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8394)
  • FIXED: Blank spacebook feed bug.
  • Profiles now feature clickable Interests links (also interest and skill ‘details’ windows now feature player’s current skill/interest level)
  • FIXED: Bug where last letter would often get cut off on event/work summary screens.
  • FIXED: Bug where events etc which both raise and lower skills were displayed in the ‘how to raise skill’ list.
  • S.H.O.P. items now have varying ‘expiry’ dates before they need repair. Items now no longer need to be trashed and rebought; instead, can repair at any time (at varying cost, depending on how close the item is to expiry).
  • FIXED: Bug where relationship breakup would leave your ex’s profile picture on the side panel briefly.
  • Certain ‘romantic’ events (e.g. romantic dinner) now won’t make your platonic friends jealous if they’re not invited. (More romantic events to be added soon)
  • Characters going to romantic events with each other (when they’re already romantically involved with others!) will trigger relationship drama. :slight_smile:
  • Romantic partners turn up to romantic type events automatically (unless they’re bored of doing the same event) rather than judging it by interests.
  • Failed group events (i.e. where no-one at all turned up) no longer give you the event rewards anyway.
  • Omega Bar no longer crashes the game (though Post-Omega-Bar content will not trigger until the next build!)

I hope all of that makes sense! Any questions, just let us know.

Yay for update! :D, At last we can just repair the items instead of spending 5 or so minutes trashing and rebuying Thanks so much ^^.