Redshirt updated to v1.02!

As of last night, Redshirt was updated to v1.02! This addresses many of the bugs which have come up in the first week since release.

Steam players may of course update via the usual channels, while direct download customers please follow the link in your original order email in order to download the updated version! If you have any problems with this link, please email

A changelist is as follows:


  • Fixed: Away Missions now have larger, more easily readable text.
  • Fixed: Save location bug: Some players had been reporting problems saving their games. Games are now newly saved to a “Saved Games” folder under your My Documents folder in Windows, or Documents in Mac. Your existing save-games will be moved automatically.
  • Fixed: Duplicate achievements bug
  • Fixed: Omega Bar ticket bug
  • Fixed: NPCs are more likely to ‘like’ statuses.
  • Fixed: No longer assigned aspirations you’ve already completed.
  • Fixed: end screen now actually plays sound effect & music
  • Fixed: Recycling/trashing S.H.O.P. items bug: this now works properly, and actually pays the appropriate amount of KarmaCreds.
  • Fixed: Job rewards listings now properly reflect any minuses to happiness and/or health.
  • Tweak: Ability to buy two tickets (instead of capping at 1), so a friend can also be saved
  • Tweak: Away Missions now feature a small chance of having to choose a friend to leave behind on an away mission!

It’s been brought to my attention that a few players may be experiencing problems seeing their existing savegames after updating to v1.02. If this happens to you, please follow this guide: