Redshirt updated to v1.03 (Windows)

As of yesterday, Redshirt was updated to v1.03 (for Windows players only, for now – Mac & Linux updates are to follow, and are currently on v1.025) This addresses a few remaining bugs which have been reported since the last update.

Steam players may of course update via the usual channels, while direct download customers please follow the link in your original order email in order to download the updated version! If you have any problems with this link, please email

A changelist is as follows:


  • FIXED: Misreported away mission number of deaths.
  • FIXED: Some players reported bug in NPC generation.
  • FIXED (critical bug): Game was not ending for some players.
  • FIXED: Friend requests after away mission from people.
  • FIXED: Skills accidentally levelling up on game reload.

You can also read the updates made in v1.02 in the previous announcement here.

If you have trouble loading any previous savegames, please read this topic: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8868