Reduce assassinations

Almost in every new game I’m being killed by some pressure groups also if the reference voter group isn’t particularly angry with the government, is it possible to reduce this by modding some files?

That one is easy. Just go to
Options Screen and TURN OFF assassinations / attacks.
You won’t be bothered again :slight_smile:

Remark: Attacks on political leaders or citizens of influence by nationality*

In some countries it’s a major issue
e.g. USA, central African nations, some Hispanic / Latin-American nations (e.g. Colombia), Arab countries

In some countries it is almost no issue
e.g. Canada, founding nations of European Union, Scandinavian countries, China, India, many other Asian countries

( *I confirmed this by sources on the internet / wikipedia / etc )

Game mechanics. WALK THRU

What happens is: e.g.
angry Capitalists * Capitalist_freq(=members)
–> increase ‘BusinessFirst’ membership
–> increase ‘BattenburgGroup’ membership/strength
If BattenburgGroup becomes stronger they will attack you, the president. 2nd time is deadly / game over.

Players normal way to early deal with this is:

  1. Security Screen shows current threats. Increase IntelligenceServices to maximum!
  2. Find out and solve what your most angry/red voter groups hate or extremly dislike.
    Voter group’s screen shows this. At first, try to solve these red situations or bad grudges
    they extremly dislike, hate and which make them angry.
  3. Increasing their very-liked policies, reduce some taxes,
    spending gov money for them (by starting more policies).
  4. Gov deficit /debt is ok as long as you don’t trigger DeptCrisis.
    DeptCrisis is dangerous and a path to loosing / game over.
  5. Policies: If you WANT a fast method to understand policies.
    See below, SPOILER WARNING!

If you do a great job, pressure groups will widely loose members.
Try to consider reducing Difficulty level, increase Socialism,
reduce Liberalism in Options Screen, if you run out of options :wink:

I, for myself, like keeping surveillance on national security issues.
This adds an element of exitement to the gameplay. Sweet salt for me :slight_smile:

Pls read these discussions.

(Democracy2 posts, valid for D3?)

Policies: If you WANT a fast method to understand policies
and their details and effects for a specific voter group.

SPOILER - mark text to read
If you want to know all this FAST. Open ‘policies.csv’ in notepad.
e.g. search for ‘‘Capitalist,-’’ == this policy/effect makes them angrier
search for ‘‘Capitalist,0’’ or ‘‘Capitalist,1’’ == this policy makes them happier

Unrestraint and rampant modding is equal to hacking. Some say, hacking is cheating :wink:
SPOILER - mark text to read

Modding ‘simconfig.txt’

If you like to go an intermediate way to reduce security threats
by changing start conditions you may look here.

‘simconfig.txt’ contains

Play around with its value:
increasing to e.g. 3000 or 5000
will reduce strength of militant
pressure groups.

Always backup original files, first.
I hope this will help you. Cheers


Thanks dude, I actually edited the files in folder “attacks” increasing the required size and strength for an attack to occur, but hasn’t changed things so much, I will try to edit simconfig.